Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Technique Tuesday Rosettes

Welcome back to “Technique Tuesdays!” I have a birthday card with a fan-folded rosette to share with you today.
[The paper is from the Gilded Paper Stack.]

I’m sure a lot of you probably already know how to make these rosettes but for the rest of you I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial.

1) Cut a 12 inch strip of paper to one half the width of the finished rosette. (My strip is 12” x 1 ¾” making my finished rosette 3 ½” wide.)
2) Score the strip every ¼”. (If you want deeper hills and valleys score further apart.)

3) Fold the strip back and forth on the score lines as if you were making a fan.

4) Glue the ends of the strip together to form a ring.

5) Press the ring flat so one edge of the strip forms the outside of the rosette and the other edge becomes the center.Glue a circle to the front and back of the rosette to hold it in place.

Now that you have the rosette, these are the pieces you need to finish the card.
Adhere the pieces together and tie some gold cording around the folded edge.

Here is the finished card.

You can also use these same rosettes to create a no-sew garland. 
Simply make a few rosettes. Glue a gold cording to the front. Glue a circle over the cording. Add some circles between the rosettes. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting the blog today! I'm glad you came.
-Kathy Dobson


  1. That is an awesome stack! Great tutorial!

  2. I've actually never tried making one of those rosettes. Your instructions seem so easy that I will give it a shot! Thanks. That paper is gorgeous by the way!

  3. Cute card, great idea, thanks for sharing

  4. Wow...amazing card! Awesome banner too! This stack looks so YUMMY! I love the gold look. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Like all the shimmer. It is a lovely banner and like rosettes.

  6. WOW - I LOVE rosettes and LOVE them even MORE when you make them with the Gilded Paper Stack!!! Thank you for sharing your golden inspiration Kathy :)

  7. Love rosettes! And this stack is so cool!