Monday, January 31, 2011

CHA Day 3

Wow, this show has been BUSY!! We have had so much fun here in the always :) When all of the retailers received their CHA badges, the got a DCWV Immortal Love lanyard to wear as we have been busy making cute paper roses to embellish them!! And as soon as I get home and unpacked, the first thing I will be doing is making a video tutorial of how to make them. Promise, promise!

Aren't they so cute on our aprons??! 

The crew!! Love these girls!! Well here's to another successful day selling and sharing our papers!!
                                                                      Back tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHA Day 2

I have loved reading all of your sweet comments about our paper dresses!! I knew you would love was sooo hard to keep it a secret!! lol! The pictures and videos really don't do them justice! I created a video of the entire booth and you can see it HERE!

And here is a look at one of our "themed rooms"....a child's birthday party with the new "Dots, Stripes and Plaids" stacks!

And here is our dining room themed with "Immortal Love" ....

GORGEOUS!!! What do you think??! :)
Wish you were here with me!!!!
Back soon!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cha Day 1 continued....

Having fun on Day one of the show!!! I am here at the make and take table making paper roses with our fabulous guests...but I came early to snap a few pictures of our gorgeous booth!! And this is not all...tomorrow you will see two amazing things that you will not want to miss!!!

Here is our runway with our handmade paper dresses!!

If you look to the left of the above picture you can see a peek at tomorrow's surprise :)

Immortal Love gown


Go Wild


Black Current

Ciao Bella



And if you want to see an amazing video of the dresses....look HERE on our YouTube page!

And tomorrow I will have a video that I made with my Flip Video that the entire booth that you will drool over! It has been SO FUN hearing everyone's amazing compliments on our booth and project! It has been a LOT of time from a LOT of people that have made it a success!! 

I LOVE this company sooo much!!! I'm a lucky girl. See you soon!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

CHA Day 1

Hello from Los Angeles!!! 

Today has been crazy busy! I am in bed and just now getting a chance to update for the day! 
Today was set up at our booth so there was a lot of....

hot gluing....

Going through projects to put up in the booth....


Manuel labor....jk I am a good faker right? :)

And here is a peak of what you will see tomorrow....

Night night happy scrappers! I have a big day tomorrow and I will be back with more photos and a video of the booth!! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's official.
I got everything done.
I know it always happens but this year, I was for sure worried!!
This show is going to be AMAZING!!! All of the time and energy that has already been put into's going to be epic for sure for us at DCWV.

And even if I spend all of the daylight hours inside at the show, I am so excited to get out of this cold weather!!!

Because this looks good....

Considering this is what I have had since November....

I will post some teasers tomorrow and Saturday we will have a FULL view of our entire booth....sooo close!! You have been so patient ;) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthdays and Butterflies :)

Hey y'all! 
{remember...I am a born and raised Texan so I am allowed to say that...hee hee}

Wow! What a week so far!! My little nugget turned FOUR yesterday!!!! It was a busy day working but I managed to squeeze in lots of "special time". Yes, I have {2} CHA babies!! I think it's hilarious both of my boys have a birthday within a week of a CHA Winter or Summer show! Poor boys! They will probably always have lame birthdays because of the timing but hey, at least I am in town!! Sometimes we have to "pretend" his birthday is the day after I get home from CHA :) Ahhh, the things you can get away with when they are young!

After a busy day, we went to dinner and Build A Bear with Colt's best friend. I can't imagine a better way to spend a 4 year old birthday :)

I love that my boys wanted their bears to be twins...I must have had an impression all those years of dressing them alike every time we left the house!! 

Happy Birthday, little guy! We love you! I promise someday I will have my act together and will be able to give you a super, fabulous birthday the week of CHA ;)

Wanted to share a page that I made with the Blossoms and Butterflies Stack. Still lovin' this stack and it's always a super popular one! These pictures are of my darling little neices and nephews. Love them!

{click on page to enlarge}

Oh the fun that you can have with a circle punch!

Have a great day!! Wrapping things up here and heading to Sunny LA on Thursday! Can't wait to see everyone's reactions to our booth and to see all of my industry BFF's!! And spending time with my awesome co-workers is the icing on the cake. Life is good!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Three fun things that I want to share this gorgeous Friday afternoon....TGIF by the way!! I taught that to my 6 year old today and he think's that is SO COOL :) Ahhh, to be six again....

So CHA starts next Saturday and it will be filled with 4 days of FUN, FUN, FUN! I wish all of you could come experience it!! But since that's pretty much impossible, WE want to virtually bring you there!! I will be at the Make And Take table at the DCWV booth the entire time with my Flip Video...and with my Nikon d90....and with my MacBook Pro and an internet if you keep up with our Facebook page, you will be in on all of the action!! It's going to be so much fun! There will be giveaways in person and on the FB page at the same time.....ahhh LOVE IT :) So hopefully you will get to experience some of the excitement of CHA!! 

Next, if any of you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go and download our {free} phone app, EScrap. Click here for all the details: And click here for the free lite version. I posted a couple videos on our YouTube channel showing how easy the app is to create darling EASY pages and post to Facebook, email, etc. Watch here!!

And last but not least.....a fun arrangement of Green Tea Stack projects!! Hop into Michael's this weekend and pick on up if you need a January "pick me up" :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!! What are you up to??
Back on Monday :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick post. So busy. Busy busy and I mean BUSY!!! Leave for CHA in 6 days. Can it all be done in time?? It always gets done....but I am for sure feeling the pressure!!! I still wanted to share a page with my favorite blogging buddies cause I think about ya and want 
you to ALWAYS see fun stuff here :)

Has everyone been able to find the Immortal Love line in Jo-Anns stores right now??! I hope so! You will for sure want it once you see all the Valentines things I'm gonna be making with it :) It will be on Jo-Anns website to buy online soon...promise!!!

Have a fabulous day! Back tomorrow with a few fun things ;)