Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big Announcement: November 1st!

If you haven't been on our DCWV Facebook page in a while, you are missing some big news :)

We at DCWV have something big up our sleeves! A big announcement will be made on November 1st. It's something you have been asking us for and something that ALL of you will be excited about!

You will want to best friends with my buddy, Darin. Let me introduce you to him....

Doesn't he look so nice?! 

Darin will be giving hints leading up to the announcement so if you are oh so curious, head over to our Facebook page to stay updated! And if you aren't already a "fan", it's the best way to stay in the loop with all of our big news!


  1. I just cannot wait! So excited :)

  2. I'm so excited lol I love a good mystery

  3. Hope its a free Darin with each purchase!! lol

  4. Oh, wow, this sounds really cool whatever it is!!

  5. OOOOOOH!!!!!! Tell us, tell us!!!! :) Don't think I can wait until November 1!!