Monday, October 10, 2011

Angular Cone Ornament Tutorial

Hello again! And Happy Columbus Day! My hubby is a banker so I am using this as a good day to get lots and lots done while he entertains the 4 year old and does laundry :) Yippee!! 

My 1st grader was sure impressed by learning about Columbus last week at school. He asked me "Do you think Columbus was scared or excited or both when he went out on his boat?" Love watching him learn new things and really put thought into history! So cute :)

Well I think I only have 1 more ornament tutorial after this one! LMK if you were waiting for one that you didn't see. I have loved getting your feedback from these and am so glad it has inspired you to mix in a few handmade ornaments to your tree this year :)

This is a great general template to have on hand! You could use this cone for a number of different things. These are so cute filled with little treats or candy and on top of a present. You could really embellish them and make them fancy :)

You can download the template HERE

Have fun with this one!

I'm off to the office tomorrow to discuss final plans on our CHA booth for January! I am so anxious to know what our theme will be! We always seem to out do the show before :) Don't even ask cause I won't say a word until you see it in January!! Or my butt would be FIRED and we don't want that!!

Have a great Monday! See you back here on Wednesday!


  1. Erin, I don't know what happened but the link for the template takes me to the Sephora website.

  2. I've really enjoyed the ornament tutorials - great ideas!

  3. Thank you so much Erin....I want to make these and put candy in them for the grandkids....and maybe some little gifts too....

  4. Beautiful ornament! Years ago, my son came home from pre-school after learning about Columbus and asked me to take him to meet the explorer. He was heartbroken to learn that Columbus wasn't alive anymore.

  5. Thanks for another tutorial, Erin ;- )

  6. These are so cute!! Thanks, Erin for always sharing!!