Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Accent Trims

Happy Tuesday! So excited to show you these projects today! I seriously think the fall & Christmas holidays are the best times to be a crafter! So many fun ideas for home decor and especially gifts. I think you will get lots and lots of ideas here at the blog in the next couple months! 

Today's projects are super, super easy because of one thing...the new Christmas Accent Trims! They are so easy to work with! I love the texture of them, how they are self adhesive and the patterns are adorable.  These really are perfect for altering items because the adhesive is workable...basically the first time you lay it down you can lift it up and move it around. When you are ready for a permanent hold, just firmly run your fingers over it to really get it to stick and it's not going anywhere :) 

Aren't these patterns so cute!? Each roll is about 20 yards and they are available at 
Michaels Stores right now.

This is a $2 frame from M's and I simply wrapped the trim around the frame. Super easy and quick! Finished off with a bow.

This is an empty Pringles can emptied out and wrapped with the trim. You can fill it with cookies or other holiday treats. Wrap with a pretty bow.

I love how easy these projects are because you don't have to worry or mess with any adhesive! Gotta love that!! Hopefully these projects sparked a little creativity inside of you!

Well have a great day! Today is BUSY for me! Wish me luck...but this busy girl wouldn't have it any other way ;) See you very soon!


  1. Who'd uv thought a Pringles can could be so pretty?!

  2. That was such a great idea to make those big border strips! I think they will sell like hotcakes!

  3. Grr! I was just there this morning! Guess I should have taken more time to browse around. I LOVE the Pringles can idea. Great new product--looks extremely versatile.

  4. love the trims, can think of tons of uses, and good luck in whatever you endeavor!

  5. a pringles can?!?!? You are too awesome, it looks gorgeous! I could stack a handful of skinny candles in there and call it a complete center piece... lovely!

    -rachel w k

  6. Well that is super cute, but it just means I have to eat more pringles! :P

  7. So cute - the trims AND your tin! I also love that you have given me an excuse to pig out on Pringles, one more reason I you Erin!