Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wall Art Wednesday!!

Hey everyone!! Having a good week?? I sure am...sooo busy! Big deadline on Friday before the holiday weekend. My office is covered in Halloween goodness. I can't wait to show you what I have been working on! When the time is closer to Halloween, lol :)

Today's post may be my favorite wall piece that I have featured so far! I love how I customized it to fit our family....Let me show you :)

This is an incredible {huge} peel and stick that features the entire world!

"Vintage World Map" is available at most Kohl's stores and retails for $39.99.

There are 3 sheets of peel and stick. I'm not gonna lie...when I opened it up I thought, "Wow. This is gonna take some time. Looks like a puzzle!" But I promise it is WAY easier than it looks! 

This handy little map shows you exactly where everything it ends up like this!

So cool and stunning! For sure a conversation piece :) But I wanted to make it a little more special for my boys. I put it up in one of our hallways down at their eye level....

Needed some adhesive cardstock and a little circle punch....

I added little circles to the places that my boys have been. Yes Texas, Oklahoma and Disneyland is it for these munchkins....Disney Cruise to Mexico is coming up tho :) My dad travels a ton for work internationally so we are going to add little yellow dots for the places that Papa visits. The heart is over Utah, where we live :)

So excited for this! The boys were so cute checking out "the world" :)

Once again, another slam dunk for DCWV Home! These designers amaze me and what they can come up with for my walls! Love it :)

Back on Friday with something super special to me :) See you then!!


  1. LOVE it!!! :) Little T is such a doll :D

  2. That is so cool. I unfortunately do not put anything up on the walls like this. We have those textured walls and they do not look good. All the art work looks bumpy. But love to see what you have done with them.

  3. Wow, it look great, Erin. Oh, and I love the pic. of our son pointing to the cute!!

  4. Love this! We have an old world looking map in our home school classroom that is crinkling from the humidity. This would be so cool to replace it!

    Happy Card Encouragement Factory

  5. That'z cool Erin! I think my son would love this in his room. Kohl's here I come!

    Jess B.

  6. What a cutie! Neat idea.. Love it :)

  7. You take good care of your boys I can tell!

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that idea! It's like people who have bumper stickers from all the states they have visited, but is educational for your boys, and probably makes them want to travel even more! If my kiddos were little, I'd do that, too! Thanks!!

  9. I had no idea that DCWV had so many products. This is great. I love the wall art and wall words.