Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper Umbrella Straws

Hey everyone!

Did you miss me? The blog reposted all week since I set it up before I left...I took a week off for a Vegas vacation!!! It was a much needed break for me! It's amazing how refreshed you come home....ready to be a better mama, wife, house cleaner and I was so excited to get back to work!! 

This will be a fun week on the blog...I later this week I will share my updated summer chalkboard wall that has some paper crafted goodies on it! And will also share June's Stack-a-holic Template Challenge! Going to be fun!!

Today's project was totally inspired from my Vegas trip...which involved a LOT of time at the pool :)

I know all of you have tons of paper scraps and matstacks!! Why don't you make your own darling umbrella straws??! They are so easy and so much cuter than the store bought ones! My kids adore them!

First start by tracing a can onto your paper and cutting them out. You can use regular scissors, scalloped or pinking shears.

Cut out a little wedge from your circle.

Add some strong adhesive. Scor-Tape or Glue Dots work great.

Roll your umbrella to make it a little dimensional and stick down with your adhesive. Easy, easy!

Use your crop-a-dile or large hole punch to punch a hole in the center of the top. Stick in your straw!  

I hope this project gets you in the summer mood :) I know we are in full blown summer vacation mode at our house! And I love every minute of it!!!

Have a happy Monday, everyone! Back on Wednesday :)


  1. I made some cocktail umbrellies for one of my How-To Tuesdays a little bit ago, thought I'd share it with you!

    Poolside in Vegas sounds like a great place to be right now! Lucky you!


  2. Those are precious, what a cute simple idea. Penni

  3. How fun, perfect for a summertime outdoor refreshment.

  4. Adorable!!!! Love the idea!!!!

  5. 'So glad that you had a nice vacation, Erin!

    Those paper straws are darling. Hmmm-let's see do I have any extra paper? Of course, I do!!

  6. Cute idea, TFS! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  7. Love this idea. Hummmm now to have a party! TFS

    Jess B.

  8. Hey, great summer drink time idea!

  9. How cute! My girls are going to LOVE these! Can't wait to give them a try:)