Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April "Stack-a-holic Template Challenge" Results :)

Hey everyone!!

Today I am going to share some of my favorite layouts from the challenge that I gave to you last week! It has been so fun, I have decided to make this a monthly event! I am always so insipred to see you work!

I will post the template and the challenge on the first week of the month so keep a look out for another one coming soon in May!

If you didn't see the challenge, I asked everyone to create a layout using this template:

I can't believe what I got back!! Let me just share a few....

Linen Closet Stack by Robin Allan

Mariposa Stack by Jaclyn Kline Torres

Black Current Stack by Heather Gray

Playtime Stack by Shawna Webster

Animal Cracker by Kerry Lewis

Pastel Cardstock Stack by Viji Siddharth

Dots, Stripes & Plaids Stack by Melissa Dehne

Guy Stack by Carrie Sexton

Lemon Flower Stack by Jessica Baker

Tattered Time Stack by Carol Workman

Mariposa Stack by Gloria

Mariposa Stack by Kim Martin

So there is no way that I can pick a FAVORITE...I barely could pick a Top 12!! So I used to help me pick a winner.

Congratulations to...
Robin Allan
Send me your address and I will get your goodies right out to you!!

Thanks again to everyone for playing!! You guys amaze me!!!

Back on Friday with a fun project!! See you then :)


  1. How fun! I wish I had known about this, I can't wait for the new challenge in May! Any reason to use DCWV paper stacks is a good one in my book.

    Congrats to those pictured, they all are gorgeous!


  2. Good Job everyone. I too missed this challenge. Looking forward to Mays as I just got a new DCWV stack in LOL. Love your products.

  3. Congrats to Robin and everyone who made top 12! Yea Me!

  4. I really wanted to play, but just got back from Utah where I got to see you! Even better! I will for sure play next month! Great layouts everyone!

  5. Congrats to Robin and the top 12! Your layouts are awesome!!

    It sure was a fun challenge and I can't wait for the next one!! Erin, I am so glad to hear that this will be a regular event with DCWV!! 'Love all of your products!!

  6. P.S. I am envious cos' I see that Jessica has found the Lemon flower stack. 'Still waiting for it to surface here. I might just have to purchase it online. I am determined to get it, wink!

  7. Great!! I have been waiting for DCWV's challenge for almost a year. Love your stacks!!

  8. Your layouts are just so amazing, the stacks are fantastic!

  9. WOW! Each and everyone of the layouts were just amazing! I also missed the challenge, but will keep my eyes open for the next one.....but I just had to say to all top 12.....BEAUTIFUL..GREAT JOB!

  10. They are all so unique and gorgeous, course you can't go wrong with a good sketch and beautiful stacks!!

  11. WOW! These are amazing, no wonder you had a hard time narrowing it down. I'm so excited to see Kerry's on there! SWEET!!!! Hugs- Glora

  12. These are just beautiful. There is a lot of great talent out there isn't there?!?!?

  13. Congrats Robin! It was super fun to do this challenge. If this is the only way I can get pages done, keep 'em coming Erin. Thank You for posting my page on your blog.

  14. Eeek! So excited to see my LO up there! Congrats to the winner and the top picks! Can't wait for the next one!

  15. Thank you Erin for picking my layout!!! This was so much fun, it was my first challenge and it won't be my last. Ready for the next!!

  16. Thank you Erin for picking my layout at one of the top 12. This was my first challenge layout ever and I had so much. Great job to all the others and Congrats Robin!

  17. I loved this sketch and like you I am amazed at the results/examples. Thankyou for sharing them. I am so inspired!

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  19. Wow, very nice layouts. Congratulations to the winner and the top 12.

    Sooo happy you will be making this a regular challenge. Love DCWV paper and need inspiration to keep making layouts instead of making all cards.


  20. There is certainly no shortage of talent out there. Great job.