Monday, March 28, 2011

Tutorial: Folded Circle Flowers

 Wow! What a weekend!! I loved seeing all of our blog fans that came to talk to me at our booth at the Expo!! We had a SUPER busy booth and sold tons and tons of excess inventory and ridiculously low prices!

There will be another Expo in September so if you have a trip planned to Utah in the fall, try to make it the weekend of the 9th & 10th!

And we had an awesome response to our giveaway that was announced on Thursday! I have a big box of goodies just looking at me and it is going in the mail to:

Deanne Washer

Congratulations! Email me at with your address and 
I will get it right out to you!! 

Today I have another awesome tutorial for you for a project from our CHA booth!

These paper flowers are so unique, I've never seen them done before!! They look kinda tricky but trust me, they are easy, easy!



The Cotton Bloom Stack
Circle stencil tool (or assorted cans or jars you can trace around the bottoms for a circle)
Paintbrush and water or water spray bottle
Assorted silk flowers
5) Wooden dowels
Floral wire
Floral tape
Yellow grosgrain ribbon
Orange grosgrain ribbon
Assorted white buttons
Assorted orange buttons
Mason jar
Die cut butterfly shape
Die cut machine
Hot glue gun

1.     To create folded circle shape, cut a 1” circle from a piece of paper.
2.     Using the same patterned paper, cut another circle twice the size (2”) as the first circle.
3.     Using a paintbrush and water or spray bottle, wet the larger circle.
4.     Lay the smaller circle inside larger one.
5.     Fold edges of the larger circle to cover the inner smaller circle. As the circle dries, the folded shape will remain intact.
6.     Repeat process using different sized circles from varying papers.
7.     Cut out additional circles from varying papers (do not fold these papers, keep flat).
8.     To create a flower, layer and adhere the different sized folded and flat circles together.
9.     Adhere silk flowers, ribbons and buttons to the centers of circles.
10.  Wrap each wooden dowel with floral tape and adhere to the backs of each flower.
11.  Trace and cut out leaf shapes from green printed papers.
12.  Glue leaves to the stems of flowers.
13.  Fill a mason jar with assorted orange buttons and insert flowers into mason jar.
14.  Curl floral wire around a pencil to create a spring shape. Insert into jar.
15.  Tie mason jar with orange ribbon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Back here on Wednesday!!


  1. such cute flowers!! so amazing!!

  2. 'So glad that your weekend was awesome, Erin!! Thank your for the tutorial. I can't wait to read it....I love the project. It's so beautiful!

    Congrats to Deanne! Enjoy all of your goodies!

  3. Congratulations! <3 I'm a super fan of DCWV!

  4. Thanks!! Can't wait to get some goodies!!!! I love the tutorial on the flowers!!

  5. love de flowers but I think tutorial on video is better...

  6. Congrats Deanne!

    nice to see a fellow Cricut Cruiser winning

  7. Thanks for the tutorial on the flowers!!

  8. It was so fun to meet you at the Expo! You are truly amazing and sweet. Love the tutorial, let's just see if I'm talented enough to create one...
    <3, the creepy blog stalker :)

    Congrats Deanne!

  9. Congrats Deanne!!..I love the tutorial on the flowers..might have to give these a try.TFS

  10. congratz Deanne...
    wow them flowers look awesome..

  11. Congrats Deanne! beautiful flowers, TFS the tutorial!

  12. Congrats Deanne! Thanks for the tutorial. The flowers are great!

  13. Can't wait to try this, but not sure if I understand how to fold the larger circle over the smaller one. Would be nice to actually see this process. Love the look and am sure they will look lovely in my easter baskets. Thanks.

  14. wow, I love them so much. Hey btw, I love my paper so much too. Can I send you a thank you?
    Please. :) I am such a dork, I forgot to save your addy. :)

  15. Always love the DCWV booth at the expo! Such great deals! But those pics are sooo misleading. Try 5 lines with 30+ people in each with arms loaded! Thanks for the VIP coupon and the freebies! PS Also, the paper dresses were awesome!