Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Immortal Love Mini Album

Hello all of my favorite blogging friends!!

I hope each of you had a fabulous holiday weekend!! Offices were closed yesterday so I took the day to rest up a bit...I had a pretty routine surgery last Tuesday that hasn't been as "routine" as I expected so I have had to force myself to stop working and take some "me time"! Not always an easy thing to do but sooo necessary sometime!! I am hoping each day this week will get me more and more on my feet!
First off, I want to remind all of you with iPhones, iPods or iPads to enter our giveaway HERE that ends on Thursday! I have received many comments and emails, some of you are pretty mad, that this particular contest does require you to have a certain tech-y device to enter. I have been doing this blog for 14 months and this is the {first} giveaway out of probably 3 a month that has some sort of stipulation so I really hope that you understand! We wanted some much needed feedback on how you liked our iPhone app and thought a giveaway was the perfect way to get this info from you! You know me, I promise to have an equally awesome giveaway that everyone is eligble to enter SOON!!!
So while I have been on the mend, I have loved looking at all of your pictures and projects that you have posted on our FB page! Keep them coming! I love seeing what you create and am always so inspired by YOU!! Today I wanted to share an amazing mini album that I spotted on our FB page by Elizabeth Currie-Matsko. She made it with the Immortal Love Stack!

This is sooo gorgeous I want to reach out and touch it!!!

Want to know the best part, Elizabeth has included Cricut Gypsy files to cut the actual album pieces and a lot of the embellishment pieces featured in the album!! Check out her blog post HERE for those files!

And if you haven't gotten a close enough look, her video HERE gives an even more detailed look!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for letting me share your gorgeous Immortal Love creation!!!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!


  1. This is amazing. If it wasnt for the wording it could as be used for Phantom of the Opera.

  2. B.E.A.Utiful - great work, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing, Erin :)

  3. I would have tried the iphone contest but since it is AC Moore and I am in Canada I figured it wasn't worth it.
    What a gorgeous album.

  4. ooh I want to try one..Can't Find Enternal Love!! Guess I'll have to drive into Houston.

  5. WOW! Beautiful mini! I just received this collection in the mail and I can not wait to craft something with it! TFS

  6. This is truly a beautiful mini album, awesome work Elizabeth!!

  7. What a beautiful mini album! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Great job sweetie!! It turned out amazing :) :)

    So proud of you and congrats!!

  9. This is such a wonderful book, it is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!

  10. Already submitted a layout on escrap, thanks for the challenge.
    Beautiful album, love it because it is simple yet rich. So many things can be done with it.
    Gloria H

  11. This is so pretty....I love it....I really do need to get that paper

  12. Wow, this is so neat! The colors look so cool together. Thanks for sharing, Erin! Keep feeling better, too! Hugs!!

  13. This is a gorgeous little album! I love the Gothic font and it looks like Eternal Love was made just for this project... too cool! I didn't download the iPhone app because I don't have an iPhone or Droid but I'm certainly not upset over it... sheesh!

    I'n glad you were able to take some time for yourself and I hope you start feeling better very soon! Keep the goodies coming. I'm so inspired by DCWV papers and the projects you post here.


  14. rest up. Any surgery is taxing on the body
    take care
    ps the mini is goooorrrrgeous!!!

  15. this is gorgeous!!

    I just received my shipment yesterday. I purchased all the stacks and the embellishments. I don't want to cut it,

  16. Whew!WhoOO! My sister mailed me immortal love!
    Isn't that awesome! I mailed her a thank you card and suprise..sshh can't say anything yet!She read my comment posted here...that's why she sent me the paper pack! I'll post my suprise to her on my blog later today. Now what shall I creat with my new paperpack?