Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warmin' up....

So today...the small town I live in was on our state's evening news.

Record low temperatures. -22 at 8am and -1 at noon. Serious? I live here? But I am a Texan!! I am not supposed to freeze like this?!

So this is how we have been spending our time while it's too cold to be normal human beings....

lots and lots of board games. An actual fun task now that the boys are almost 4 and 6 :)

recovering from snowmobile/tubing accidents....Daddy get's a little too crazy sometimes!

small honey-do projects around the house. Like repainting my laundry room. 5 years in our home and it shows with every ding and hole in the wall.

And of course....lots of paper crafting :)

Here is my cute little buddy, Keaton. Those bright blue eyes showcase the Green Tea Stack perfectly. 
I hope my boys are just like him when they are 10 :)

Love these foiled pages....this stack is perfect for the masculine pictures that you have! Pick it up at Michaels Arts & Crafts stores today!

You know it's cold when I tell my hubby, "Sure, take my car to work today. I'm not leaving the house." But I always remind him to bring me home a Diet Coke on his lunch break. Can't craft without it!!

Happy Wednesday! Stay warm :)


  1. wow - we have snow, lots of it - but not those temps!
    Sandra ltb

  2. Even the Texans still in Texas are grumbling at the temps here. It was 25 this morning in Houston. Of course within one week we are supposed to see the high 60's again... bet you won't have that there! :) Enjoy your diet coke!! I have to slurp down the rest of my water before I earn my Pepsi for the day. :(

  3. And that's why I live in St George. Love this stack. Got it for Christmas and it makes me so happy! And that Layout? Perfect!

  4. Oh gosh those eyes are SO BLUE!! and that lip is SO SWOLLEN! lol - stay safe in the snow, Erin!

  5. You should come and visit Canada for cold weather LOL. -28 here for most of the day and that is not including the windchill. The amount of snow we have recieve these past two winters I have decieded that a snowblower is on the must have list for next winter! I am done shoveling 5ft drifts everyother day. Love your LO and I to love the foil pages.

  6. great shots and love the colors on that layout! tfs! stay warm! its been snowing alot up here in the midwest.

  7. Looks like your son is lucky to have teeth. Hope he's a quick healer and that dad has learned his lesson.

  8. We had single digit temps and 6 inches of snow here this morning also - too cold for me!!

    Ouch on your son's owie, hope it heals quick!

    His eyes are gorgeous - what a great picture!! I love, love, love that stack - I have 2 baby boys with blue eyes, so I NEED to get it to use in their scrapbooks!

  9. I am feeling your pain! I just moved from Indiana to Texas and everyone keeps calling to give me a hard time about our snowfall! But... I just remind them that by Monday we will be in the 60s again and they will be in the snow for 3 more months!! I actually enjoyed the snow and cold temps for this small amount of time and have done much of what you have done... movies, games, crafting! Love the LO and Wow! What blue eyes your guy has!!
    Barb :)

  10. 'Hope you are nice and warm today! Your layout is adorable! Oh, I hope your son feels better! Take care and have fun, Erin!!

  11. awwww your poor baby wow beautiful blue eyes
    perfect time to heal with family games
    loooove the layout!!!
    take care

  12. Strange weather!!
    Enjoy your inside days with those handsome little guys.
    I just picked up the Athletic stack at Joann's the other day - yet another awesome stack!

  13. NOT quite so cold here in Michigan! LOVE that layout!!

  14. oh look at that lip! we have lots of those crazy accidents, too. those crazy dads. we got our son trouble for christmas, it' s alot quieter than it use to be, LOL!

  15. Wonderful layout and yes perfect papers for it! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your diet coke, I myself am enjoying a vanilla one for breakfast, LOL!

  16. Poor guy....his lip looks like it hurts. Hope it is feeling ok today. My husband loves the snow and cold while I hate it....we live in OH so we get a little of the snow.

  17. I seriously think you are in the right place, who in their right mind wants to go outside with those temperatures?? I hope the lip heals fast but hey you got to have a war wound to prove you played in it lol. As for those blue eyes they will definitely break a few hearts when he is older!!
    Kim xXx

  18. I plan to head out to Michael's this Sunday to restock my craft room. I hope his lip gets better soon!