Friday, October 29, 2010

Flower Tutorial Video


What a busy week it as been! We have been busy celebrating Halloween all week at different activities...and 3 more days of festivities to come!! I seriously can't wait to show you our family costumes this may be the last year I can convince my 6 year old to be a ---- instead of a zombie or mummy or whatever other scary thing he can think of. So this year we went all out. 
I will post pictures on Monday!

I love how this card turned out!! I used the Mi Casa Stack which I just adore. I love the intricate patterns that it has and the colors are so my "thing". 

Isn't this flower so fun!?!

Whenever I go into a scrapbook store, I see companies selling flowers similar to these for like $5 bucks for 2 of them?? Serious? Don't they know {we are paper goddess} and we can make these babies?!

Here is a video
that shows just how I made it!! GREAT way to use your scraps!! And I apologize in advance for the lighting in the video--I learned the hard way not to film at night in my office...I will go back to filming while the kids are in school...or bribed in their rooms with the Ipods. Either one ;)

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a fun Halloween weekend!! See you back here on Monday and there is LOTS of fun stuff going on next week on the blog. And I will be giving away a Street Lace & Colorful Life Stack to a lucky follower!! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Peel & Stick

Halloween is almost here!! I only have a couple more days to share my last minute holiday decorations! 

Most of you know that DCWV  has a Home Decor division and this stuff is "hot" right now!!! Our products are in Target, Shopko, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco and tons of other retailers!! It is so fun to be in a store and spot our stuff...kinda like being a proud mama!

Here is my favorite Halloween peel and stick wall go crazy for anything like this that sticks to things!! Well my boys do at least :)

And by the way: Peel and Stack is removable and reusable unlike vinyl which is a 
"one stick and it stays put" kinda thing :)

Here is how you will see it on {Target} shelves...
and I love the retail price of $9.99.
Totally reasonable for a reusable decoration!

I love how the pumpkins add something so unique to my table!!! I have had so many compliments on it since I have had it boys stole the leftover pumpkins and put them on their bedroom doors. I have a feeling they will be around waaaay after Halloween :)

I love how we make the holiday decorations "peel in stick" instead of vinyl so you can use them year after year!!

So what are your Halloween plans? Our start Friday morning and run through the weekend....never a dull moment it seems like! Love it! And I can't wait for you to see our family themed costumes!!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stacks at my House...

It's Monday and today I have lots of stacks at my house......

Stacks of saltine crackers for my 6 year old with a tummy bug....hate seeing my baby sick! 

Stacks of laundry on "Laundry Monday" but it may run into "Laundry Tuesday" this week....

And stacks of {new stacks} that you haven't even seen yet. Have to time the "sneak peeks" just right....

I know there are LOTS of questions on when Street Lace & Colorful Life will be available to purchase! This release has not been our typical release...we have had a lot of behind the scenes hold ups but we are determined to give you these two lines as soon as we can!!! The {moment} that it hits store shelves and online stores I will post on our Facebook page. And I predict that it will be any day!!!

Thank you for being SO patient!!! The moment it hits shelves we will celebrate with LOTS of giveaways of the two lines to reward you for being so patient!!

Cause I am an impatient person so I know how hard it is....especially when we are dealing with new, yummy paper goodies ;)

Gotta take care of my sick baby and hopefully get some work in!!! 
Have a fabulous day!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

and the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered for our giveaway!!! We have our winner...

CraftyTipster said...

Ahhh, my weakness is also almond joy! Just seems the PERFECT combination :O) Thanks for the chance at such an AWESOME giveaway!!

Email me at to claim your prize!!

There will be another giveaway {SOON} so keep watching the blog! Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video + Giveaway info!

Wow! I can't believe your response to our giveaway that I posted yesterday!!! I knew you would be excited about the 12x24 adhesive stack but I had no idea you would be THIS excited!!! I love it!!

If you haven't entered into our giveaway yet, be sure to read yesterday's post to get the info! And be sure to enter here on this blog and then hop on over to see Robyn at My Pink Stamper and enter over there for a 2nd chance to win. I am excited to have some new blog friends that found their way {here} from Robyn's site!

And just because this week hasn't be exciting enough, I want to share a new video that shows 2 more new lines that will be coming to you Jo-Anns stores!!

These two stacks are so different and I {love} them both!!! Tell me what you think in the comments here!!!

I {can't wait} to hear from you!!!

Have a fabulous day!! Check back tomorrow to see if you are one of our winners!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say what? A giveaway today??!

I am so glad you stopped by the blog today...because today is a {very special day}!
Why you ask? 
Because it's Wednesday. And we have an awesome giveaway today!

Do you remember when I gave you this sneak peek?

I asked you to give me your best guess as to what this new product was. Everyone was {hoping} that it was 12x24 stack of adhesive paper....guess what.

You were right!!!

We have changed the packaging a bit but the product is the same. You will get a 36 sheet stack of 12x24 paper...12 sheets solid cardstock, 12 sheets printed cardstock, 12 sheets solid glitter cardstock...and all of it ADHESIVE!!! It will be in your Joanns stores and the retail prices is about $40. Perfect for using in the Cricut & E-clips machines with the mega cutting mats!

Here is my machine with a gorgeous piece of glitter cardstock....ready to cut a cute halloween box.

On the new cartridges, the offer awesome boxes to cut out....but unless you want a teeny tiny box, this is where the 12x24 paper comes in handy.


Even though the cardstock is adhesive, you don't have to peel the backing off! If you leave the back on like I did for this box, it gives you an even heavier piece of cardstock perfect for boxes like these.

Can you believe the Cricut cut out these tiny little spiders....1/2 inch tall! Wow. 

Do you want to get your hands on this awesome product RIGHT NOW before it hits the store shelves?

Here is how you can win:

1. Post a comment on this blog post telling me which Halloween candy is your biggest weakness. 
(Almond Joys for this blonde :)
2. Become a follower of this blog (leave a separate blog post telling me this)
3. "Subscribe" to our blog (leave a separate blog post telling me this.)
4. Share my giveaway on your blog/social media site 
(leave a separate blog post telling me this.)
*Follow our 
Facebook page too for more giveaway opportunities! 

Wait there is more....

And if you want to enter a {second time}, Robyn at My Pink Stamper will be giving away another 12x24 stack! I love her site and the awesome Cricut projects that she comes up with! I can't wait to see what fun projects she makes with our DCWV paper!!

Good luck!! I will post our winner on Friday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Russian Stack-a-holic!!

Happy Monday! It's going to be a great week!! Lots of time in my office to get things done and get ahead!! Love that feeling! And a pretty laid back "mommy week" which means I won't be living in my car carting boys from place to place. Ahhh, love it. :)

I am so excited to introduce our 2nd Stack-a-holic to you!!! And this featured artist comes all the way from Russia!! When I found her blog, I could not understand any of the text...but that didn't matter. I loved her projects and I could tell that she had a major obsession with DCWV paper too :)

Meet Domna

I love how our love of paper crafting can connect us all across the globe!! And through all kinds of language barriers. So very cool.

Here is the card that I chose to {stack-lift} today. Love what she did with the DCWV Latte line! Gorgeous!

And here is my take with the La Creme line

I love how you can add any color with the Le Creme line and it looks so classic! The center flower was created with the Sizzix 3D Flower die...finally got my hands on it after it was sold out {for-ev-er}.

And while I was on the floor taking pictures, look who wanted to say hello....

Oh Jack the Pug. When you look at me with those puppy dog eyes, I forget what a pain in my booty that you are when you get into the garbage, chew up the boy's favorite toys, shed hair all over my new black dress...but I still love ya :)


If you want to be recognized as a featured "Stack-a-holic", be sure to leave me a comment with a link to your blog or post your stack projects on our Facebook page! I am always looking!!!

Have a great day! Back on Wednesday with something BRAND NEW to giveaway :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh I love days like today. Off to the office.
When you work at home, it's quite a treat to make it up to the office a couple times a month.
Sometimes more. Never less.

I {love} heading in to see my friends, see new stuff and get the scoop on everything thats going on.
Have I told you lately that I {love} my job and I {love} the 3 guys I work for.
And since it's on Friday: Happy Boss Day to M, J, & D!!!

Remember when I posted about our companies "creative escape" to Spark?

Well a lot of great things are coming as a result of that weekend. Things that I can't speak of at the moment. Don't you love it when I say stuff like that? :)

But one thing that "sparked" me that I can show you today was inspired from this photo:

I took the idea of the chalkboard cement exterior walls.....and painted a chalkboard wall in 
my front entry.

My plan is to change out the chalkboard for every season and decorate the little shelf accordingly.

Just another thing to keep my day to day life full of inspiration and creativity... 

So yes, this blog post has nothing to do with stacks or paper...but everything to do with living a creative life and loving every minute of it!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

73 days til....

73 days until Christmas.

SERIOUS?!! Oh my gosh, I gotta get going.

One thing to cross off my "To Do List"....make a homemade advent calendar!

I {love} this new Advent Calendar Kit that we released to Joanns stores this month!!! (I am getting new stacks sightings across the country so I know if your store hasn't gotten the new Christmas stacks yet, they will any day!!) 

 You should be able to find this kit with the Christmas stacks and embellishments. And the best part, the retail price on it is $9.99!! So if you snag it with a coupon or during a sale, it is an AWESOME gift at a steal of a deal!

Here is everything you comes with a great instructions sheet too. I did mine a little different from the instructions so you can see a little variety....

The only thing I substituted from the kit was the ribbon to hang the board together. You receive plenty of ribbon to use what is given, but I wanted to use a thicker red so I used some from my stash.

I inked the edges of my pockets before I put them together and attached them to the board. And in the kit you get TONS of chipboard pieces and die cuts to embellish the board. I used all of my number pieces and probably had HALF of my embellishments left!!

I think I will fill my pockets with 2 pieces of candy so the boys can have a treat to look forward to.

I love all of the glittered chipboard pieces! I hope we continue to do fun kits like this in the future!! And with the retail price of ten bucks, I know this will be a hit!!!

What other things could I fill my countdown pockets with?? Give me some ideas in the comments! I love hearing from you!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Amber Autumn Paper Pumpkins + Video

If you learn anything for me....please remember this one thing.
Always keep a camera in your purse or car!!
You really never know when you are going to have a perfect photo opportunity!!
Like this one...
a little fall spot set up outside of a store I was going to.
Quick moment, perfect memory!
Get it? Got it? Good. :)

So how cute are these pumpkins? I have seen different versions from different blogs that people have made and then my son came home from preschool with them...I knew I needed to try making them myself and WOW, were they easy!!! I think they are so cute because of the Amber Autumn Paper that I used :) See my video HERE for an exact how-to....

Don't you love the cute leaves that were carefully cut out from a sheet of patterned paper? These are way cuter than the ones my son came home from preschool with :)

Supplies used: 
Buttons (Bag-o-Buttons/Autumn Leaves)
Big Brads & Crop-a-dile (WeR)

So watch the video and try them out yourselves!!! You won't find a more perfect stack of paper for these than the Amber Autumn Stack. Love it!!

Have a great Monday! See you soon :) 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween How-To's

First, thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails about my post from yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how people can reach out to a "blogging stranger" and comfort me. Sending hugs to each one of you!!! Crafters are the best people in the world :)

Quick post today- I have had many requests to do a how-to on how to do my Halloween Lollipops and banner from past posts. I wanted to share some instruction sheets on those projects plus a couple more Midnight Spell projects that I have already posted online. The instruction sheets were for CHA (Craft & Hobby Association)'s idea website...which is awesome by the way! Check it out! You will find my projects on there plus lots of other fun Halloween ideas from other companies!

{you can click these to enlarge or save them as a jpeg and print. They are 8.5x11 files}

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I do what I do.....

A simple card and a simple post. 

I was reminded yesterday why I make cards.

It was a crazy weekend. My mom's best friend's husband was killed by a drunk driver Sunday morning. (Read the comments in this article to see a glimpse in the incredible life that he lived.) My mom quickly left to be with her friends in Dallas. I knew I needed to get a card in the mail Monday...."I'll just pick one up at the store. It will be quick and I have a {crazy} day tomorrow anyway."

As I drove the 2 hour drive home from my parents house on Sunday night, I knew that I needed to take the time to make a card. As I sat and got out all of my supplies, my thoughts were with our friends with every cut that I made and every bow that I tied. It was therapeutic. Thinking of my blessings...and making sure that I tell everyone how much I love them. 

My boys drew a picture for Gary's only grandson....we stuffed our envelopes and put it in the mailbox.

At a time when you feel like there is nothing to do but pray for comfort for loved ones, I was reminded why love this hobby so much. Making something with your hands...putting {time} and {love} into every little detail. It is {something} to show love. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Updated Ultimate Stack List....

So I don't know who our Ultimate Stack List helps more...our customers or our employees :) I can't tell you how much easier things have been in my job having a master list of every stack that DCWV has made. It's helped me a ton and I have had lots of co-workers telling me the same....has it helped you?? 

I have updated the list to include the holiday stacks for 2010 and also you will find the answer to Friday's sneak peek! (12x24 adhesive stacks, say what?! Love them already!)

{NEW} stacks are in BOLD on the list.

See the list & download it here:

So print off your list, organize your stacks and ignore the assignments, laundry and dishes that are taking over your life :) hee hee. 

Back on Wednesday!!! Make today fabulous!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sneak Peek and a WINNER!

It's Friday!

What are your plans?? Hubby is on his deer hunt so I am livin' it up as a single mama this weekend :) Lots of Ronald's gourmet food (aka McDonalds), movies from Red Box and relaxing! Part of the deal that I signed up for when I married a country boy. I love anything that makes him so happy!

I know everyone is ready for me to announce a winner! I will get to that...I promise. But I thought for the rest of you deserved a little excitement so I thought a sneak peek was in order...agree?

Oh good.

So here are my three clues...let me know what you think it is in the comments!!

And now to the winner of the 2 stacks of paper and the Cricut cartridge...

A huge "thank you" to my Everyday Cricut girls Joy & Melanie for being so great to "blog hop" with this week!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!! Thank you for all of your support on Facebook and the blog this week!! Come back on Monday for more great stack ideas!!