Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So...I have been busy. Doing what? Thought you might ask. Fun stuff...PROMISE!!

DCWV Inc New Release Video from CHA-Summer 2010

Post what your favorite new thing is and I will pick a winner when I get home to send a goodie bag to :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ENABLER ALERT: There are 4 new stacks in Joann's stores RIGHT NOW and one is the hugly anticipated "Black Current Stack"! Also in stores now, "Textures & Finishes", "Snack Stack" and "Premium Photo Stack". I will show you Snack & Photo Stacks in a post this weekend. So run to your closest J's, I know you will want to see these!!

See "Black Current Stack" HERE

See "Textures & Finishes Stack" HERE

See the {NEW} YouTube Video of "Snack Stack" and "Premium Photo Stack" HERE

See you on Monday straight from CHA-CHICAGO!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sneak Peek #5

ENABLER ALERT: There are 4 new stacks in Joann's stores RIGHT NOW and one is the hugly anticipated "Black Current Stack"! Also in stores now, "Textures & Finishes", "Snack Stack" and "Premium Photo Stack". I will show you Snack & Photo Stacks in a post this weekend. So run to your closest J's, I know you will want to see these!!

My last {SNEAK PEEK} before I head to Chicago this weekend!!
I know you will be excited about this announcement!!!  

If you already {love} these already released stacks...

then you will love these brand new additions...

I LOVE our stacks but I am always wishing that we made more coordinating embellishments. Well my wish came true! We took 9 of our best selling past stacks and made embellys!!!

9 already released stacks will now have 6 embellishments that match:
Pop up FELT Stickers!! :)
Epoxy Alphabet Stickers
Pop up Word Stickers
Epoxy Shape Stickers
Rub ons
Word Stickers

I don't have all 6 embellishment sheets for all of the stacks. Will have ALL pictures from Chicago next week! The {lucky} lines are:

Nana's Kids Stack

Doodlin' Around Stack

All Occasion Glitter Stack

Sweets Stack

And also these 5 Stacks:

Grade School
Blossoms & Butterlies
Mariposa (yes, I am serious.)
Animal Cracker
Be Mine

I will have more pictures from all 9 lines in Chicago next week!! The excitement is building and I love seeing and hearing everyones positive reactions to our lines. And if you will be at the Super Show on Friday and Saturday, PLEASE stop by and introduce yourselves and make a digital page from our 300dpi.com stuff!!! 

Have a fabulous FRIDAY!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sneak Peek #4

Are you LOVIN' all of these fun Sneak Peeks?! I do have you tell you, as fun as all this new stuff is, you DO have to wait for our 2 biggest releases. Yes, I know. I'm sorry but I want you ALL READY to see our  {TWO huge lines straight from Chicago} next week!! 
You know you still love me :)

When I saw the following release, I was SO excited!! 


Page kits are huge right now and I love how we made some based on our best selling stacks! Page kits are popular because they are SO economical!! Our 12x12 kits will retail at $9.99 and our 8x8 kits will retail at $5.99. And you get so much coordinating "stuff"!!

LOVE the colors in this travel kit titled, "Touring". Available in 12x12 kit.

{everything you get!!} 
6 pieces of patterned paper, a full alphabet and 2 sheets of 3-D & Epoxy glitter stickers. 

This one is so fun....so girly!!

"Bachelorette" page kit available in 8x8. FUN COLORS!!
But there are plenty of elements to make pages that are not bachelorette themed...lots of "friends" sayings.

And a baby kit for the new mama or grandmama...available in 8x8

Gender neutral kit all ready to make the cutest mini album!
Oh isn't my niece the cutest?!! 

So here are the themes and the sizes that will be available:
Birthday 12x12
Grade School 12x12
High School 12x12
Touring (Travel) 12x12
Graduation 8x8
Little Animals 8x8
Baby 8x8
Bachelorette 8x8

One more SNEAK PEEK on Thursday and then it will be news from the CHA show all next week!!! Have a great day!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Christmas in July!!

Tis The Season Digital Kit from 300dpi.com by DCWV

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneak Peek #3

It's Friday! I am ready for fun weekend camping with my cute family. My hubby is a "mountain man" so he will be in heaven. I will probably be watching movies in our trailer on my Macbook and drinking a Diet Coke :) Not bad for a weekend trip!

I am so excited to share a new video with you. In it, I give you the FIRST LOOK at our new stacks, "Designer Blue Jeans Stack" and "Weathered & Worn Stack".  And a giveaway too! Watch the video here:

YouTube Video of "Designer Blue Jeans Stack" and "Weathered & Worn Stack"

Make a comment on the video and subscribe to our 
YouTube Channel!

On Monday morning, I will pick a lucky winner from the YouTube comments & subscribers. The WINNER will win both of these new stacks!! And I will let you pick a 3rd stack of your choice :)

Tell me what you think! Can't wait to share MORE new CHA releases with my new Flip Video. It is so easy and fun to use!! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Textures....

I am so glad that you liked the "Textures and Finishes" Stack that I shared with you on Monday! I found out that it won't be in stores until this fall. Don't be disappointed though, I will share with you something similar on Friday that will hold you over :) Friday I will share a video debuting 2 new stacks that are now available in Michaels stores across the country. So check back then!

Here are two more pages made with the "Textures & Finishes" Stack. I love these two...probably cause the pictures are of some of my friends little boys! Cute pictures + cute papers make me happy :)

Love the silver metallic paper with the green and brown. And I love the texture on that brown blanket in the pictures! Plus they are the cutest babies around so they make me extra happy :)

And when I saw this burlap textured paper, I knew just the photos to use for a page. LOVE this little cutie pie and his cowboy look. Looks like he fits right in the rodeo or somethin' :)

This stack is so fun because of all the different looks that you can get with all of the {different} textured and finishes papers. 

Watch out FRIDAY!!! Making a video today with a "virtual flip" through the "Designer Blue Jeans Stack" and the "Weathered and Worn Stack" in stores NOW. And a giveaway is cooooomin'!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

a fabulous Monday, indeed!!

Monday's are sometimes tough days. But not today. Cause today is a Monday with a SNEAK PEEK!! So it's going to be a {fabulous} Monday indeed!! 

The following stack can not be fully appreciated until you hold it in your hands and TOUCH IT!!! The name of the stack backs me up on this one.

"The Textures and Finishes Stack"

Textures and finishes are not fully grasped until you touch them, right? So photos are just not going to cut it. PROMISE me that you will try and get a hold of this stack so you can see it in person in it's finest!! :) This stack really is fun and is completely different from our typical stack. We have done "photo real" stacks in the past and they have surprisingly always been big sellers. But this one is different. 

thick premium papers. 
textured prints.
glossy, shiny finishes.

When I first held it I instantly thought of all of the "touchy-feely" board books that my boys read. Every page with a different feel to touch. 

Here is a page that I made with two papers from the stack. (Background wood piece and the glossy green wood grain) Loved how it looked with our recent family pictures that were taken in front of an old wood barn. Since using this stack, I have been a lot more aware of the textures that you find in your own pictures, pretty fun to see new things in old pics :)

And here are just a few of the prints. And guarantee, when you hold his stack in your hand, you will want to touch ALL of these papers. I love the different textures and finishes!!!

So now I have shared 2 stacks from our new releases from CHA! There is still a LOT more that is coming out. You know me, there is always MORE TO COME!! :)

Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Today's gonna be a good day...today's gonna be a good, good day."
{singing in my best "Black Eyed Peas" voice}

It really is! I am off to the office! For this little girl who lives an hour from the office and works from home, I LOVE my days that I get to go in and see everything that is going on! Sneak peeks in the design room, lunch with my fabulous co-workers, and just absorb the vibe of my favorite company!! Going on 7 years with DCWV and I am blessed everyday to have my job!! Couldn't be happier!

My number one priority while I am there is to find out {WHEN} I can show you some peeks of our new stuff!! The CHA show is in 3 weeks and I KNOW you guys can't wait (and shouldn't have to wait) that long for a tiny little peek right?

For today, here is another page with the Black Currant Stack that will be in Jo-Anns any day!!! Let the store stalking begin! :) I will be sure to post on here the moments I hear of sightings in store because I KNOW this stack will break records for us!

{click on page to enlarge}

Love to a past DCWV student/favorite friend Andrea & her precious daughter in this picture!

And love to my Sizzix Eclips!!! Having SO much fun with it!! Love this "sweet" saying from the Birthday and Beanpole Cartridge, I would {LOVE} a whole cartridge of just this font...so cute!

And as a little teaser....here is a tiny part of a page I just did with a BRAND NEW stack!! I tried to make it a tricky little trick but it just gives you a little something until I can share more next week!! Cause I "think" this stack will be hitting shelves SOON and I want you to see it here first!!!

Any guesses as to the theme of the stack??? Share!!

Have a fabulous day!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Video Tutorial: Dimensional Ribbon Flowers

I hope you had a great weekend!!! We had so much fun at the rodeo, parades and especially at Carrie Underwood's concert!! It was so patriotic and she sounded awesome!!! With all of the playtime, I am anxious to get back to work this week! (That is when you know you love your job :)

I had a lot of requests to show you how I made these flowers from my Black Current pages:

I got a new Flip Video and am so excited to start making some video tutorials for the blog!! This is my first one and practice makes perfect so they will get better, I promise.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Festive Freedom Shirts!

I love the 4th of July celebration in our little county! Rodeo, parade, festival in the park. Then we are driving an hour to see Carrie Underwood preform at "Stadium of Fire" at BYU Stadium in Provo!  My boys are so excited to see Carrie "Underwear" cause they know all of her songs :)

I love having the boys wear 4th of July shirts for the day and I usually buy some at Gap or Old Navy. But this year, I wanted to try and make my own! I bought shirts for $3.50 at Walmart and designed something in Photoshop Elements with our 4th of July Brush Kit.

{Troy just got poked in the eye so he is trying to look happy!}

I made the design in Photoshop and then flipped the design horizontally so it looked backwards. Then I printed it on iron on paper and ironed on the shirts! Easy, easy!

No one will have these sitting out at the parade! And they are cuter than ones you would 
buy at the store! 

Have a FABULOUS and SAFE holiday weekend!!! 
Eat some homemade ice cream and watermelon for me!