Thursday, April 29, 2010

NSD News!

So what is everyone doing for National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) on Saturday?! Since the snow has canceled my garage sale and my husband will be on the mountain enjoying probably the last big snowmobiling day, I will be in my jammies paper scrapping and digital scrapping all day. And I'm sure there will be plenty of online scrap shopping for me! I will have HSN on my TV in the background seeing all of the fun crafting shows and ideas that will be on the air! If that doesn't sound like a perfect Saturday, I don't know what else does!!! Miss Michelle Walster will be on HSN Saturday & Sunday with some fun DCWV kits! Here is her schedule:

May 1st 6am Eastern

May 1st 4pm Eastern

May 2nd 4am Eastern

Here are some super cute examples of what you can do with the "Pocket full of Posies" kit. $17.95 for 3 stacks, seriously? That's such an awesome deal!

my cute next door neighbors, best neighbors in the world.

my sweet niece, Annie. Annie was my "girl name" so i like to pretend that she is mine.

I made these pin wheels with the Sizzix Pinwheel Die...I know I will be using this die a ton! I love it!! Can't you just see super cute table centerpieces and school projects with this die. Love my Sizzix and am counting down the days til I can get my hands on a Sizzix Eclips :)

Have a great NSD weekend, it only comes once a year so have fun and take advantage of it!!! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a great way to start the week! I am so excited about this sharing this with you this morning!! 

The wait is's finally here and in the iTunes store!!

We have been waiting to get digital scrapbooking App just right before we released it and it took a little longer than expected...but you will see that this app was worth the wait!!! Here is a basic walk through of what you can do:

This is my first "Quick Page" that I made on my iPhone using our Citrus line. Made it on my phone laying in bed watching "Live with Regis and Kelly" to be exact :)

With a touch of a button is was posted to my Facebook wall! From there, I saved it onto my computer and here it is! The app can be purchased HERE for $1.99. The iPad version is being created by our developer right now!! I sold my Kindle to my best friend to force me into the iPad world!! I can't wait to get one!

I am announcing a GIVEAWAY on the 300dpi message board for a $30 gift certificate to our digital site,! Head on over to enter! THIS LINK will take you right there!

Let me know what you think of the app if you have already downloaded it or plan to!! Have a great day and we'll see you on Wednesday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A little birdie told me....

Happy Friday!! This week slowly crept by for me...but the good thing about that is I seemed to get LOTS ton for work and around my house. I love feeling productive and crossing things off of my "to do" list. 

Just wanted to share a project that we created for Michaels with one of their exclusive stacks...


The project was made with this stack, "The Family Connections" Stack. It has a vintage feel with family tree pages and lots of great patterns. But really, you could this project with any of our awesome stacks :)

I think this project is so cute!! The tag says, "A little birdie told me that you were new in the neighborhood. Welcome!" The can is a nut can (cashews, almonds) and it would be no problem emptying that can at our house! :)

I have included the detailed instructions so if you have any questions making this, you can refer to the instructions. The can could be filled with treats or little papers with all of the neighbors names, addresses and phone numbers so they can get to know people easier.

Have a great weekend...see you on Monday!!

DCWV Family Connections

Supplies & Tools:
-The Family Connections Stack-(Teal Floral), (Beige Stripe), (Cream Floral), (Teal Label), (Tags)
Template-(Birdhouse1, 2, 3)*
-Empty cylindrical can (A small nut can is recommended)
- Cardboard
- Adhesive
- Scissors
- Scoring tool
- Small hole punch
- Twine
- Computer print-out on vellum (A little bird told me that you’re new in the neighborhood)
- Brad setting tool
- Brads (2)
- Embroidery floss (Cream)
- Glitter glue
- Foam mount squares

  The template specifications of this project were created from tracing a small nut can. Depending on your can size, you can create your own template by using your can, label and lid as templates. You will need to add about ½ inch around the circumference of the lid to create the base.

1.     Start with a clean, empty can with lid.
2.     Trace and cut the bottom of the can from (Teal Floral). Adhere to the bottom of the can.
3.     Turn can upside down so the lid is facing downward. This is the direction your can will be to create your birdhouse. The lid will be the bottom of your birdhouse.
4.     Cut out all shapes from template (Birdhouse1, 2, 3).
5.     Trace and cut out the center piece shape from (Beige Stripe). Adhere to can.
6.     Trace and cut out small decorative roof shape from (Teal Floral). Adhere to can with foam mount.
7.     Cut a small brown circle shape from (Tags). Adhere to the can.
8.     Cut a ½ inch strip from (Cream Floral) and wrap around the base of the can. Trim excess.
9.     Trace and cut out the base shape from (Cream Floral) and cardboard. Adhere (Cream Floral) to cardboard.
10.  Adhere base to the bottom of the can.
11.  Trace and cut out the roof shapes from (Teal Floral).
12.  Using a scoring tool, score the edges of the paper so it will fold easily.
13.  Using small hole punch, punch holes along the edges of the roof.
14.  Fold the edges of the roof.
15.  Adhere the center of the roof together with adhesive to form the peak of the roof.
16.  Adhere the roof to the can by adhering foam mount squares to the edges of the can.
17.  Punch a hole to the center of the roof.
18.  Using the template, trace and cut bird shape from (Cream Floral).
19.  Decorate bird with glitter glue and stitching. Punch a small hole and attach with twine to the roof.
20.  Create a tag using (Teal Label), glitter glue, and vellum. Insert brads and attach to the roof with embroidery floss.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guess Whooooo.....

{click image to enlarge}

And while you are here, celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with some of our earth inspired paper stacks & digital kits!



Have a great day and I will be back on Friday!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

In the Kitchen....

What a beautiful Monday we have here in Utah. I am sitting in my kitchen table looking out the back window and I love what I see. Green grass, blue skies and little boys in the sandbox. I turn my head and see a more beautiful site...a clean kitchen!! If you would have seen this kitchen last night....umm you would be impressed at the shape it is in now!! I cooked a huge Sunday dinner and made a HUGE mess. Love my hubby who will clean for a good supper :) 

Have you seen our cooking themed stack, "Nana's Kitchen"? I love it. I love the fun colors of this stack and the whimsical cooking theme. And the BBQ pages are sooo fun. 

We have a slight problem in my house of little boys. Everyone wants a snack. All the time. I decided I needed to come up with a way for my little men to know when it's time for a snack (10am & 3pm) and when it is not. What better stack to help me with this!!

I made a super simple door  hanger to hang on my pantry doors that hold "the snacks." A simple flip and they should know if it's snack time....


(Supplies: Nana's Kitchen Stack, chipboard, ribbon (May Arts), Cricut)


That is what they want to see, OPEN!!!


I think they have gotten the let's see if they remember to look for the sign :) 

As promised, I will be doing a giveaway today!! And I have added a way so that you can have double the chances of winning! 

Since we are on the topic of kitchens...I want to know what is your "go to" cookbook. Which book in your collection has been doggy eared and has splatters all over it. If you don't use cookbooks but love a certain cooking website or blog, tell me about that. I just LOVE cookbooks and want to add a few to my collection so I thought YOU would be just the person to help me!

To enter: leave a comment here on this post and tell me about your cookbook or blog. For a second time to enter, leave a comment on the DCWV Facebook page under the announcement of this blog post and tell me that you are a "follower" of my blog. If you aren't a follower, PLEASE FOLLOW and tell me that you are a new follower!! If we can add 100 new followers from right now, I will give away 2 prize packages!

I will announce the winner on WEDNESDAY and you will win three 12x12 stacks of your choice mailed to you!!! How cool is that, we all love paper or we wouldn't be here!!! 

Good luck and see you Wednesday!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can you feel the magic?

Home from the happiest place on earth!!! We had a fabulous 6 day vacation...just the four of us. I didn't have to share any of my boys with work, school, friends, snowmobiles :) They were all mine.

Loved the hugs....

Loved the magic...

Loved the rides...

Loved the memories.

Need the weekend to "re-group" and will be back on Monday with a fabulous new project to share AND A GIVEAWAY. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A new kind of greeting...

I love making cards. Depending on the time that I have when I sit down to make one is the sole factor of how great the card turns out. Here are a couple cool things that I love about this card:

1. I used the Linen Closet Matstack to make the flower pieces. I cut a 1 inch strip of paper, sprayed a little water on it, folded it in half lengthwise and twisted it into a flower shape. Hot glued the back to keep it down and added a simple embellishment in the center. 

2. The book print and greeting of the card were taken from an old book of quotes that I found at a thrift store. Love the vintage feel that it gives that goes perfectly with this paper. 

3. The card base is made out of our shimmer paper from the matching Linen Closet Cardstock Stack. The shimmer papers are so beautiful, you have to see them to believe them. Love the quality of our cardstock and I really love it when we create matching cardstack stacks for our popular printed paper stacks. :)

Have a great day! There will be a giveaway announced on Friday so stay tuned!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My BFF....

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! 

BFF. Best Friends Forever. I totally remember using this phrase in middle school. I even had a BFF necklace that had 2 parts of a heart that my best friend and I shared. Ahh, the good old days. I am not going to bust out any of my old pictures of me and my best friends in middle school, high school or even college. I am approaching 29 years old and am starting to realize that those pictures are getting "dated". :)

I am going to share a quick page that I made today with the kit "BFF" by 300dpi by DCWV.  This is a picture of my best friend, Aubery. We met freshman year of college and are still super close today. When we get together, it is like no time has passed. Those are the best kinds of friendships.

This is such a fun kit, I love the colors in it. That raspberry red is so fun with the bright colors. I am having so much fun making pages with our 300dpi kits! 

A new feature on is a Member Gallery where you can upload your own digital scrapbook pages and we can all see them and comment on them! So much fun....

Have a great Monday!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Do you have a spot in your home that you know needs "something" but you just can't put your finger on it?? I have lived in my home for 4 years and have always looked at the space above my back doors as not quite complete. That is...until I found our new DCWV Home Vinyl Wall Lettering. 

I love vinyl pieces because they don't have to be permanent...whenever you move or just need a change, they can be easily taken down. I love the quote on the one I picked. 

I don't think I will get sick of this one anytime soon. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bottle Cap Fun

 I was quickly flipping through my April issue of "Family Fun Magazine" and came across this cute idea. I had seen similar bottle top crafts but this one was extra cute because it was made with our Animal Cracker Stack!

Who doesn't love that cute little monkey face?? I know I do. :)

I thought this would be a perfect project that you can make with our FREE digital kit Le Creme by  You can simply download the kit, print out a few sheets on your standard printer and create. 

To get your bottle tops, you will just need a six pack of bottle soda and a couple of helpers to help you drink all of lucky I have mine :)

Take your paper and use a 1 inch circle punch to cut out the circles. You could use your Cricut or if you are feeling extra crafty, you can trace a quarter and cut them out by hand.

I ran mine through my Xyron Sticker Maker but you can put any kind of adhesive on the backs of the paper.

Fill the bottle tops with Ranger Glossy Accents, making sure you get to all of the edges to keep the paper down. Any air bubbles can be popped with a tooth pick.

Now you can decorate...add a bit of glitter or embellishments if you want. But I still think the plain paper ones are just as cute. :)

When the Glossy Accents has dried, use a hot glue gun to glue a magnet to the back side of the bottle top.

And that is it! Super easy and I love the end result. They are even cuter in real life!!! What a quick and inexpensive gift for could even color coordinate the magnets with someones kitchen colors.

And this little cutie on my fridge right now is my new nephew, John. Love these pictures!!

Be sure to download your free digital paper kit at! There are so many things you can do with this kit, so you better grab it while you can!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Whimsical Monday!

Monday morning after a week away from home is always C.R.A.Z.Y! I took the office on the road with me but there still is so many random things to do once I am actually HOME. Add grocery shopping, laundry, unpacking, going through get the picture!!! So I wanted to quickly show you a project that I did with the Whimsy Stack recently. I always hear that this is one of our "fan favs" and I can totally see why! The prints really are unique and I love the sweet attitude of this stack! 

I took out the 12x12 sheet with all of these cute greetings/phrases in frames. I knew I could cut the phrases apart and use them on the fronts of some cards....

And that is just what I did! Cut and scored some of the printed cardstock to make the card bases...added the phrases and a touch of ribbon and that was it! Made a quick box to store them in to turn the simple cards into a gift item. This would make a super cute teacher or co-worker gift I think. I love this size of cards since there isn't too much room for me to write a novel or anything :) Just a "hi" or "thank you" is all I need at times.

Have a Whimsical Monday!! Another week or so and I think we will be ready for a giveaway!!! Stay tuned...:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mountain Men

It is spring break here in my little town....we usually head south to warm weather. But this year, we headed north to the mountains of Bear Lake, Utah. 

But of course, this is not what it looked like this week. My 2 best friends and I headed up with 8 kids under the age of 8 and none of our loving, helpful husbands. We watched the weather all week and a 1 day storm turned into a huge winter storm that snowed the entire time we were gone! I am so happy to be off that mountain and not snowed in a cabin with 8 little kids!!! We had lots of fun and lots of memories though :)

I took my laptop and created some fun digital pages while I was gone. And it was funny that the first kit on my "to do" list was the Big Outdoors Digital Kit by Camping, mountains, camo. Perfect for my time at the cabin. Love it. Having 2 little boys, there is no pink in my house unless it is for me. Everything they pick out is camo!! I loved how this kit had a cute camo print and I had plenty of pictures that coordinated. :)

I also used a Template for this page...Template #44 from . Instead of lining the left side with photos, I switched them out with patterned papers. Love the freedom that you have with templates!

Have a great day! And be sure to download the FREE digital kit on, the Le Creme Digital Kit. It is under the "Freebies" tab along with some other great free downloads. Just create an account, add it to your cart and check out with a $0.00 balance. This is a great way to get a free kit and play around with it, especially for those new to digital!!!