Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's all about ME oh, and sugar cookies!!!

Happy Thursday!! One more day until the weekend! I am excited for the weekend because I am going to attend the local colleges theatre performance of "West Side Story".  For some reason, I watched that movie a ton as a kid, kinda random! But I love the music and the love story and I cannot wait to see it in the theatre. I think it will be awesome! And just an FYI, I am making homemade sugar cookies just to celebrate Thursday this week. Good reason, right?? :)

I have been busy making digital pages for our online idea gallery at I love my job because I am always working on something different, which is good for this girl who always likes to mix things up! The more I play with the digital kits, the more I love them! I am working on getting a great 12x12 printer so I can show you some hybrid pages, which are totally hot right now!

The digital kit that I used for my page today is a kit that is exclusive to 300dpi right now. It is called "All About Me" It was designed to use to make "all about me" albums or pages...for kids or adults. (There is a darling family tree page!) I am dying to make my own "all about me" album with this kit. I am visualizing it now!! But it doesn't only have to be used in a album form, that's why I wanted to show you a simple vacation page using the kit. 

This is the 12x12 page as it is in the kit:

I love all of the journaling blocks that you can simply add a text box to and add your journaling.  

Here is my finished page of some aquarium pictures from our recent trip to Las Vegas and the Mandalay Bay Casino.

Seriously, all I added was my journaling, 2 photos, a frame, a swirl & some inking on the edges! I love easy, simple pages! And I love it when our awesome designers do all of the work!! :)

I hope this has inspired you to either break out the Photoshop disk & manuel or even to start thinking if you want to put your toe in the digital scrapping swimming pool :) Have a great day, and I will eat a sugar cookie today just for you!! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A different side of Safari Kids

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I spent mine with a few girls from the DCWV team at the big Photo Show in Anaheim. It was a very quick but busy weekend and sadly, it was chilly and rainy in California. I don't know what it is with me & California. Please, next time I need some sun! I was bitten by the Disney bug while I was there. I came home and that night, booked a 6 day trip for my little family to head back for some Disney fun! Can't wait!

I know some of you have already gotten your hands on the Safari Kids line. If you haven't seen it yet, you will be floored at the awesome stack and embellishments that match it! It is so bright and cheery, and I love the little monkey that pops up throughout the line!

Some may think that this line is only for kids pictures, or maybe some zoo or vacation pictures. But I wanted to show you an adult birthday card that I made with the line. 

I just used some basic cardstock to make the card base. Added a few Safari Kids glittered pop up stickers and ribbon. 

These newspaper flowers are very popular right now and super easy to make. I just got an old book off of my shelf that I knew I wouldn't be reading again and punched 5 scalloped circles out of it with a punch. I stacked the 5 pieces and put a Safari Kids brad in the center. Then I just crumpled 4 of the layers individually over the brad to give the newsprint a little volume. And thats it! Easy, easy! 

Well I hope this card may have opened your eyes to a new side of Safari Kids! If you have made any projects with Safari Kids, load a picture on a site or a blog and comment with the link so I can see what you have done!

Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Sweet Idea!

As a stay at home/working momma, life gets pretty interesting. I'm sure many can relate. It is super tough trying to stay focused, stay on task and use your time efficiently when there are 2 little monsters running around the house. And sometimes when you least expect it, you turn your head to see this:

Yes, my 3 year old coming in from the backyard through the doggie door. He seems to prefer that instead of the logical door that most would take. I saw this, and simply turned my head back to my computer. He's not hurting anything right? Right. So stay focused. :)

I am totally excited to share this project with you today! I think that everyone assumes that you have to have Photoshop of some kind in order to use any of the fabulous digital elements that we have at But I am excited to show you how I used one of our fun gift ideas using Microsoft Word, that's right! No Photoshop required! Under the "Gift Ideas" tab on the website, there are tons of cute files that you can simply purchase, download and print to make darling little gifts. I am going to use one of the candy bar wrappers that coordinate with our Green StackWhen you purchase and download the file, this is what it looks like. 
First, I opened up Microsoft Word and began with a blank document. Then I went to "Insert" and "Picture" and "From File". I found where I had saved my Green Candy Wrapper file and clicked "Open"

The Owl file was just inserted right into the Word document at just the right size. If you wanted to simply print the file as it is now and hand write your greeting, you could totally do that. 

Here is a quick little wrapper that I did, printing only the file and added my hand written message.

If you wanted to take the next step and add the greeting in a text form, it's really easy as well. I went to "Insert" and "Text Box" and made a small text box below the candy wrapper. 

I typed in my greeting, "Something for you from "owl" of us". Clever, right?! I typed the font at a 10 point font and it was just the right size.

I printed the file, cut up the text saying and glued it on the blue label. And of course, I had to add a little ink and ribbon. (ribbon from May Arts) And that's it! Wrapped it around my precious Coconut M&M's and taped the wrapper on the back. It was sooo easy and I love how it turned out!!

And I did say, "precious Coconut M&M's" right? I have to have a few everyday, they are just that yummy! This is a couple weeks worth since my whole family is addicted to them...along with a few neighbors who may pop in to say "hi" with a hidden agenda :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off to Anaheim for the big photo show this weekend. Maybe in between introducing 300dpi to every, I can have someone tell which kind of Digital SLR I should  get...Canon or Nikon. Any thoughts from you?? More on Monday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mi Casa Memo Board & WINNER!

I am back from the eternal weekend! I don't know why, but this long 3 day weekend seemed to last forever! I loved it! I am married to the cutest banker around and I am a happy wife since he gets all of the little federal holidays off of work. Love that. We had a great Valentines weekend relaxing and eating and crafting and eating :) My workout killed me this morning though!

I loved reading all of your Valentine plans! I hope everyone really did have a great day! The winner of our "Madly in Love" Stack is:

iceprincess95 said...

My BFF and I went out to eat at this yummy place called Cheddars. We also went to see Dear John. I loved it so much that immediately after the movie we made a stop at walmart to buy the book. I spent the rest of the weekend reading. The movie was so perfect. Reminded me so much of my first love...
<3 DCWV! This stack would be perfect for a scrapbook I am starting.
It's so funny that this is the post that won because I just finished reading "Dear John" and absolutely loved it too!!! I haven't seen the movie yet but I know I will need a box of tissues to get through it :)

Please email me at so I can get you your free 12x12 stack! 

My girl at 3M (Hey, Suzanne!) threw me a memo board as we were all taking down our booths at CHA and said "Make something cute with this for your blog!" I glanced at in this weekend and decided to give in to her challenge :) 

This is the memo board. It is a dry erase board that was designed to alter by adding patterned paper or photos or whatever you want to make it "your own!"  

The back simply comes undone just like a frame, you move the little tabs to remove the back. 

I couldn't wait to see how our glitter paper looked behind the dry erase board. I used a sheet from the new Mi Casa Stack.

So I cut down a sheet of the Mi Casa paper to 8 1/2 x 11 and placed it behind inside the memo board.  

I added a couple basic embellishments (ribbon and rub on stitching) to spice it up a tad. I wanted to still keep it pretty simple so I can change the look of the memo board by changing out the paper. How fun would it be to change our the papers according to the seasons!? So many possibilities! And you can't tell by the photo but the Mi Casa glitter paper looks so cool glittering through! 

Have a fabulous day and I'll see you later in the week!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mariposa Hybrid Frame

Wow, the days went from Monday to Friday in lightning speed this week! It seems like some weeks I have something every single day, while other weeks there is only 1 think on the calendar for the whole. week. This week was crazy! But next week will calm down until Thursday when I leave for Anaheim, California to attend the PMA Show. There we will be showing off our new site to all of the photo junkies! So fun!

I wanted to share with you a fun hybrid project that I made using the Mariposa Line & the matching Mariposa Digital Kit. I think this would be fun wedding or anniversary gift for someone, I would love receiving it! :) In Photoshop, I made a 8 1/2 x 11 document and made a simple design with the kit and a digital frame. I printed it on my home printer and put it in a simple black frame. Then I used the Mariposa Chipboard Box to add some matching chipboard embellishments and glued them to the glass. Tied some ribbon around the glass and added a few more matching tags from the box and that was it! It seriously was a very easy & quick project and the photo doesn't do it justice, it is stunning!

So what does everyone have on their schedule for Valentines Day? There are several "chick flicks" that I want to see so hopefully my man and I can catch one over the weekend. We are pretty low-key Valentines people but he almost always finds some way or present to spoil me rotten. I have such a cute hubby! Tell me what your plans are this weekend by leaving a comment and on Tuesday I will pick a winner for a free 12x12 Madly in Love Stack which will be perfect for scrapping your Valentine photos!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Another Monday. Another start of a week. I swear these weeks have just been flying by! As a huge Peyton Manning fan, I was so sad for him last night losing his first Super Bowl. (Hey, my little boy's name is Colt for a reason!) But they couldn't have lost to a better team with such a great story. I am just sad overall that football is over until fall :(

But I was thrilled when I was on our website this morning and noticed that there are 7 new digital kits available! How is that for a Monday morning pick-me-up! The new kits are:

One of my favorites from this release is the "Hittin the Books" line. I love the colors and the light vintage feel that it has. Here is a page that I quickly made with the kit of my oldest boy, Troy.

This digital kit is also available as a paper stack and is available only in Michaels stores. I am visualizing all of the fun hybrid projects for teachers, principals & home room moms that you could do with both the  digital kit and the stack! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Be Mine" Valentines Banner

I grew up in a home where my mom was the queen of decorating the house for every single holiday. I just thought that everyone did this and that it was normal. So of course, now that I have my own home, I break out my tubbies of decorations for every holiday! It is the best feeling when you put away all of the blue & grey Snowmen decorations from January and get out the bright pink & red Valentines decorations for February. And I leave mine up for the whole month of February because it's just way too much work to get it out for 2 weeks. :) 

After getting out all of my decorations, I knew my mantle needing something as a finishing touch. I decided to do a simple banner with the Be Mine Stack, a Joanns exclusive stack which happens to be 50% off right now!

 It is a beautiful stack with glitter & gloss, hearts & birds, lace & keys. I love the vintage look that it has all on it's own. 

This is a super, simple project and I will quickly show you how easy it is! And when you use this paper, there is no need for embellishing because the glitter is already on the paper!

You will get 2 banner pieces out of a 12x12 piece of paper. So my banner only took 4 pieces of paper, love that. Cut your 12x12 paper in half so it is 6x12. With a ruler, make a mark in the center of each side. (6 inch mark on the 12 inch side, 3 inch mark on the 6 inch side.)

Connect the dots to make a big diamond. You can do this on each individual sheet or make a guide out of a scrap piece of paper and simply trace the guide onto each piece of paper like I did in my picture. Cut out the diamond shapes. I think it's easiest to use an Xacto knife and ruler but you can use scissors if you prefer.

Score the diamond in half to make your triangle pieces. I used my Scor-Pal but you could use a bone folder or any other tool that you use to score.

With the triangles folded, punch a hole on each end of the triangle to string your ribbon through. I used short pieces of black stripe ribbon from May Arts. Tie a simple knot and continue connecting all of the banner pieces. On the two end pieces, make sure your piece of ribbon is a little longer for hanging purposes.

And here is the finishing product! If you wanted to get super creative, you could add letters like "Be Mine" or "Love You" to your banner. But I think it's just cute with the paper, because the paper is so yummy on all it's own! 

So here is your weekend project! Have a great weekend and "GO COLTS!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Songbird & our Winner!

Well, first thing is first. I know everyone is waiting for a winner!! I loved reading all of your comments about your dream scrap room. It is interesting that many said you would love open shelves so you could see everything that you have. That is what I have and I would love custom built cabinets so I wouldn't have dust on all of my supplies!!! (It's always greener...) Yes, custom cabinets and a big smooth countertop with a built in trash chute would do me just fine. And by the way, I pick all winners by using so you know there is no cheating on this end :) Congratulations to Lalia!!! 

Lalia said...

A larger smooth, continuous workspace with plenty of perfectly sized storage below that will actually accommodate 12x12 materials!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tip for the Stack-a-holic & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday is the best day to get organized. My office needed some SERIOUS love today, and it got some! I have a little OCD in me and can't be completely creative in chaos. So I have had to figure out smart ways to get everything in order. When I travel, the most often asked question is, "How do you organize your stacks?" I know there are quite a few "Stack-a-holics" out there so here is my tip of the day. I stand mine on my shelf (if you don't have an exclusive scrapping space, you could stack them in a closet or on the floor on top of each other.) On the glued edge of the binding, I simply label the name of the stack with a Sharpie, that way I know exactly where my "Hippie Chic" stack is at all times! Simple yet efficient! 

As promised, I am going to do a giveaway today! To be eligible in the contest, simply answer my question with your comment and I will do a drawing for the lucky fan! The prize will be 2- 12x12 stacks of your choice, including stacks from the brand new CHA release! So here is the question: 

"If you could have your dream crafting home studio, what one thing would you HAVE to have in it?"

I will share my answer on Wednesday when the contest ends! Good luck & have a Happy Monday! Off to make {Potato & Leek Pizza} from my favorite Pioneer Woman cookbook!!