Friday, January 29, 2010

"City Critters" Photo Blocks

It is always a little bittersweet coming from CHA. As a company, there is so much work designing, organizing and planning before we even leave the office. Then at the show, there is a constant buzz of excitement and long days of introducing, promoting and selling our new lines. Once you are home, you finally have a moment to sit down and breathe. And I am crazy because I am always a little sad when it is all over. I just love what I do SO MUCH! Don't worry, we will start it all over again in preparation for CHA-Summer in July in Chicago :) The good thing about getting home from a show is that I now have time to clean and put my office back together. It seriously is scary in here!  It will take me a few least to get everything back in order! 

Today I wanted to share with you a project that I created and shared at our 300dpi booth at CHA. I am totally loving any project that is hybrid-meaning it contains digital and scrap elements. I purchased some blocks from Creative Imaginations that were all ready for decorating. This project was so easy, I simply designed boxes in Photoshop to fit each side of the block using the City Critters Digital Kit from  The sides contains pictures, alphabet letters, animal faces, cute phrases and DCWV textured cardstock. I printed them on my printer on photo paper, cut them out and adhered them to the blocks with Scor-Tape. (Yes, I am the queen of Scor-Tape, we were putting our booth together at the show with Scor-Tape!)

I have to share the story behind the precious little face on these blocks because everyone always wants to know, "Who is that gorgeous little boy?!" His name is Casen and he really is the cutest thing ever! He is the son of a sweet friend of mine and anytime I see his face, I just smile!!! He looks just like his daddy which has given his daddy a pretty big head since we all thing he is just darling. :) 
(Photo credits to the amazing  Jenny Wheeler Photgraphy)

Have a great weekend! More to come on Monday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CHA Sneak Peek #3

It is day 4 and the last day of the show. We are all running on little sleep and lots of Starbucks for some and Diet Coke for others like me :) We have had an amazing response to our new Stacks and the 300dpi site. It is so exciting to see all of our hard work pay off! I have a couple more new stacks to show you...

This is the "Madly in Love" Stack....lots of bright pinks & greens, hearts galore. It has a very "cutting edge Valentine" stack that I think the teen girls and tweens will love too! It is very unique and unlike any Valentine line out there. This is available in 12x12.

"The Guy Stack" is just TOO FUN! I have been waiting for something like this. It has fun argyle prints & stripes....ties & BBQ images. I love the green, blue & brown themes. The are lots of epoxy, glossy details which I love as well!

"Mango Frost" is probably my favorite line from this release, because it has all of the fun embelishments!!! It is available in 12x12, 8x8, matstack and a 12x12 album. It has lots of yellow, orange and hot pink, glitter...and the most beautiful designs. You have to see this one in person to appreciate it.

And now for some fun know we come to these shows and have LOTS of fun :)

Me & Denise at the 300dpi digital M&T

Michelle inhaling a Sprinkles Cupcake....ummm. Makes me hungry just looking at the cute little dotted cupcake!

No, they are not twins. Mark Montayo and his fabulous life size cut out.

And the man of the hour, Jake. He found Coconut M&M's at a random gas station and brought me back some. It completely made my trip!!! They are sooo good, I dream about them! But they are close to impossible to find in Utah so I am always on the lookout....

We all fly home tonight so it will be a long day today after the show and taking down the booth. Can't wait to kiss my babies tonight!!! More later!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CHA Sneak Peek #2

So it's day 2 of the show (but day 4 for me if you include the Super Show) and I don't even have any blisters!!! After 6 years of trade shows, I have learned to look cute alllll the way down to the shoes...that's when you just HAVE to go with comfort :) It has been so fun seeing everyones great reactions to our new stacks and the digital scrapbooking lines. And as always, it's great to see your industry friends as well. The first picture is of me with an old and new friend: Julianna from Sizzix and the brand new Sizzix Eclips! I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on an Eclips and see the wonderful relationship it will have with all of my stacks!! I'm sure they will be best friends soon and you will be the first to see my creations on my blog :)

Me and my bestie, Jewels. One of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

Well, I am going to show you two more stacks today from our new release. And I am not even half way done, people!!! We always have to out do ourselves at DCWV :) This is the new Safari Kids line. This was in a few select Michaels stores already and it was a huge hit so we now have it available to everyone! There are tons of fun embellishments that go with this stack, and I mean TONS!!!

The second stack is the Naturals Stack which is completely unique from any stack we have ever done! It has a beautiful metallic copper look to a majority of the pages which I just love. This is a great masculine stack without being too "manly". You really have to see in person to appreciate this stack. And I have to give a big shout out to my buddy, Steve, who designed this awesome stack! You rock, Steve! :)

K, well that is it for today! Tonight is our company dinner which is defiantly the best night of the show. I will post in the morning along with pictures of 2 more stacks!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

CHA Sneak Peek #1

Hello from the now warm and sunny Anaheim, California!! I know you have all been waiting for a sneak peek from our new release of products so I guess I won't make you wait any longer! Oh, but first you have to see how cute we are in our 300dpi aprons today :)

So here are two of my favorite stacks from this release. Linen Closet & Cafe Mediterranean.

Love this layout I made with Linen Closet...this is a picture of me and my big brother in 1983. I love how it looks with this stack!

This is a complete album kit that has an awesome 12x12 album along with all of the printed papers and embellishments. For $30 it's an awesome deal.

This stack comes in 12x12, 8x8, matstack, 2 matching embellishments and a box of cards.

Cafe Mediterranean is such a "happy" stack in my opinion! I love the oranges with the green and blue. It has some great floral prints as well. It comes in 12x12, 8x8, matstack, 2 embellishments sheets and a box of cards.

I know this post was VERY QUICK and there are probably a million mispelled words....that is what you get when you are trying to hurry and post your blog with sneak peeks when I should be working!! More soon!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy, Busy!

Today was our day to set up for the big CHA Supershow that is Friday and Saturday. This is our first chance to show everyone in person! I will be walking everyone through a digital layout with our new Monticello Digital Kit and then they get to print it out right there in our booth. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks! So today there was a lot of "techy" stuff (is that even a word?!) and we have the best Techy Guy, Jake, to do it. Her is a little peak, I will show you the entire booth tomorrow along with the cute M&T that we are doing. We wish all of our lovely DCWV fans were with us this week in Anaheim! I promise to keep you in the loop...promise!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Hippie Chic" Family Memory Game

I will give you a little eye candy until I can post some CHA sneak peeks of our booth! I have already worked with the new stacks and I swear, they just keep getting better and better. I am already here in Anaheim and the rain is just CRAZY!! I hope I don't have bad, frizzed out hair the entire 8 days that I am here! There are 8 of us from DCWV already here, and at least 10 more coming in the next few days. It is so much fun to travel with your co-workers when they are also some of your best friends!

Here is a project that I just finished that I will NEVER let out of my sight!! It took a lot of time but it was well worth it! I love how it turned out with the Hippie Chic Digital Kit from by DCWV.

It is a family memory game that I made with my kids pictures and I loved how it turned out. For the actual box, I covered a DCWV Chipboard box that was empty. I used the actual Hippie Chic stack to cover the box and embellished with a digital element and ribbon. The digital element on the outside of the box matches the back of the game pieces. I just designed a simple design using the kit and printed out tons of them on my printer with white cardstock. I don't have a super fabulous printer but for this project, it was all I needed. For the actual chipboard game pieces, I used the Chipboard Stack and cut the pieces into fourths. Perfect size and I got them most out of each sheet! 

I haven't let the boys touch it yet (definitely will after CHA) but I know they will adore it. I love how our paper stacks and digital elements coordinate because I love Hybrid projects like this one. So much fun! Check back tomorrow for a CHA sneak peek....I will rummage with my camera while we set up the booth, don't tell! :)

Diary of A DCWV Gal

I am so excited to start this blog and share everything that I love about DCWV!!! Paper scrap, hybrid & digital...I love it all and I can't wait to show you all of my "big ideas"!! I am also so excited to share a little of my life with you too. A "work at home" mommy who loves this industry SO MUCH! So here is a little about little ol' me!

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and found my love of scrapbooking at the age of 12 when I received a Christmas gift of scrapbooking supplies and an album from a cousin in Utah. Since then, the last 15 years have been documented in dozens of scrapbooks lining my living room shelves! In 2000, I moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University where I received a bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Marketing. Working as a bank teller as a newlywed and recent graduate, I met and became friends with Nancy Hill, founder of DCWV. After a 2-year friendship, I finally worked up enough nerve to tell Nancy about my passion of scrapbooking. Instantly Nancy said, “Well, turn in your notice. Wouldn’t you rather be scrapbooking instead of working at a bank?” And that is where it all began! I have been blessed to be a part of the DCWV family since February 2004. I have designed projects for QVC, HSN, dozens of books and many magazine publications. More recently, I have discovered the digital scrapping world and am thrilled at how much I truly love it. I love having an outlet of my creativity without having to mess up my studio! And scrapping in bed on my laptop is the life! My true passion has been the opportunity to share my love of scrapbooking and my love of DCWV by teaching classes all over the country and the incredible people I have met along the way. Other than scrapbooking, I enjoy cooking, organizing and cleaning anything, shopping online, and drinking Diet Coke. And there is nothing better than coming home to my house of boys, husband, Kevin, Troy (5), Colt (3) and Jack the Pug.