Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cute Neighbor Gifts

My neighborhood is like a little family. We all go to school and church together. We help raise each other kids as we trade babysitting and play dates. We go on group adult dates monthly and girls nights much more frequently :) I am so lucky to live in a neighborhood like this. It really is one of my biggest blessings!! Since I have about 30 neighbor gifts to deliver (I tried to cut my list down but didn't have the heart!!) I needed something easy and inexpensive. And I never do treats since we always end up with SO much treats I want to die!!!

So this year, I purchased a bunch of our Le Creme Box of Cards. They are $10 retail and I got 4 gifts out of each box. I broke them down to 10 cards and envelopes and put them in a cellophane bag.

Tied some fabulous May Arts ribbon and a tag. I got the little glitter ornaments at Target a pack of 30 at the dollar spot!! 

I designed the tags in Photoshop Elements and printed them at Walmart at Persnickety Prints, my all time FAVORITE printing service.

These would also be great thank you gifts for co-workers, teachers, birthday gifts for friends, really anyone!! I love the Le Creme cards because the prints are so versatile.

Two days til Christmas....are you ready?? If you aren't, just pretend and sit back and relax :)

See you tomorrow!!


  1. great idea, love the Christmas card what a marvel-ous idea!

  2. nice idea! Love the picture. I remember seeing it on one of your earlier posts! So cute!

  3. What a great idea! I love those cards and now I have an "excuse" to get them!!! ;o]

    Merry Christmas to you and your Marvel-ous family!


  4. Oh my gosh, can your family be any cuter?!
    Wonderful gift idea too!! I ended up baking a bunch for neighbors and teachers...but this would be so much easier. I'm filing away your idea for next year; DCWV cards are the best for gift-giving!

  5. What a great idea!! Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Erin, I love the beautiful gifts that you created! Oh, and your family picture is adorable! Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Hugs!

  7. Fabulous idea! Those cards are so pretty. Happy Holidays to you!

  8. What a great gift idea and I love your card another great idea!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. What great gifts these are, I love the Le Creme stack I just brought a second stack to make a wedding album with for a friend.
    Kim xXx

  10. I'm a last minute type of gal myself. Not by choice it just always ends up that I'm doing things last minute.