Monday, October 25, 2010

Stacks at my House...

It's Monday and today I have lots of stacks at my house......

Stacks of saltine crackers for my 6 year old with a tummy bug....hate seeing my baby sick! 

Stacks of laundry on "Laundry Monday" but it may run into "Laundry Tuesday" this week....

And stacks of {new stacks} that you haven't even seen yet. Have to time the "sneak peeks" just right....

I know there are LOTS of questions on when Street Lace & Colorful Life will be available to purchase! This release has not been our typical release...we have had a lot of behind the scenes hold ups but we are determined to give you these two lines as soon as we can!!! The {moment} that it hits store shelves and online stores I will post on our Facebook page. And I predict that it will be any day!!!

Thank you for being SO patient!!! The moment it hits shelves we will celebrate with LOTS of giveaways of the two lines to reward you for being so patient!!

Cause I am an impatient person so I know how hard it is....especially when we are dealing with new, yummy paper goodies ;)

Gotta take care of my sick baby and hopefully get some work in!!! 
Have a fabulous day!!!


  1. Hope your baby is better real soon!

  2. Oh, Erin, I hope that you baby feels better very soon. Please take care, too, ok?

    About the DCWV stacks....I will try and be patient-LOL-great things are with waiting for!!

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  4. I will take the DCWV stacks so you are not so "stacked" up! LOL! Hope your little one feels better!

  5. Poor guy... Being sick is never fun!

    I have lots of stacks at my house too... Bills, magazines, books, clothes, and dishes! Would love to trade some of them for DCWV stacks! I need to find that magic wand under one of my stacks. :)

  6. ah, yes, Stacks! My stacks of Monday laundry may also become Tuesday or Wednesday laundry. Right there with you!

  7. I have lots and lots of stacks here too: laundry,bills, homework,books... but I seem to be missing a few certain, hope i can remedy that soon!!! :P

  8. hope your baby gets better soon.
    also i have a big stack of laundry and a full to do list :)

    Have a good week

  9. The last stack is my favorite. The laundry reminds me to take care of my dishes stack.

  10. I want Street Lace!! cannot wait. Hope your baby feels better soon.

  11. I was very excited to see your third stack of items!! Hope your little one is feeling better soon!!

    Amy V

  12. sure hope your little one is better very soon. It's so hard to see our babies sick.

  13. Erin, I just read your "about me" story.
    How cool.
    I have 2 boys also, the only difference is mine is 35 and 39.
    They were little blonde headed boys like yours.
    You do have two of the cutest little guys ever.
    I hope the little one feels better soon.
    Laundry will wait so will the dishes and vacuuming.
    Can't wait to see the newest Stacks.
    I never ever buy just one.

  14. awwwh, so sorry to hear your baby is sick:( WOW, I would trade my stack of laundry for YOUR stack in a HEARTBEAT!! lol..... I am sending you SPEEDY Get well wishes for your baby!
    gypsy hugs,

  15. Hope your little guy will soon be better

  16. I hope your baby gets well soon - it's so hard as a mommy!
    As always, I can't wait to see your stack previews!

  17. Aww bless I so hope your baby makes a speedy recovery, we can't have sick kiddos. You make me feel so much better when I see you laundry as I know I am not alone lol.
    Kim xXx

  18. So sorry to hear that your baby is sick hope he feels better soon!

  19. Hope you little one gets better soon. I am excited to see the new stacks!

  20. I'm Patient, I'm patient. Hope your little is feeling better.

  21. Oh my! I hope that the little one gets well soon! The laundry I know is tough!! What an amazing stack of paper!! I am sure that all will settle out soon!!

  22. I hope your little one gets better soon!!! And I'm drooling over those stacks of paper, lol!!! I feel ya on the laundry.... I feel like laundry day is everyday that ends in y!!


  23. Sick babies are NO FUN! Hope she is better today! I can't wait for the new stacks! I'm like a kid at Christmas time!