Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sweet Teacher Gift

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I cannot believe that I officially have a Kindergardener!! Why is this so weird to me? I still feel like I am 18 or something. Just add on 10 years now! We have our "Meet the Teacher Day" tomorrow so I wanted to do something for Troy's Kindergarden teacher. My friends are already teasing me that my teacher gifts are going to be legendary, lol. Hey, I can't help making everything I see cute and sparkly with glitter paper :) It's my weakness.

I picked up some caramel apples from our local chocolate shop, yum. It was SO easy to make them a little more special :) Here is what I did...

  Cut 2 pieces of 12x4 pieces of paper. I used some cute glitter paper from the Grade School Stack, one of my all time favs and a go-to stack this time of year!

Tape the pieces together...keep an eye on your pattern. Tape it together so when you bring the papers up, the pattern is right side up.

Use some strong adhesive to tape down your apple. I used my trusty Scor-Tape.

Bring the two sides up around the apple. Punch a hole on both sides of the apple stick, through both papers.

Thread some ribbon, I used May Arts, through the holes to keep the paper up. Make sure your apple stick is in-between both papers and both sides of the ribbon. This will keep it nice and secure.

Tie the ribbon, make a tag and that is it! I used the {new} Grade School embellishments that we just released at CHA, & some rub-on stitching.

{love these little black alpha stickers from Glitz Designs!}

I love how they turned out! I think teachers are SO important and I always want to make sure that my boy's teachers know how much I appreciate them!! To everyone with little ones going back to school soon-good luck!!! And to those who don't, be grateful you don't have to fight the crowds at GAP for school clothes.  :)

Have a great day! Be sure to check tomorrow to see if you are the winner of our giveaway!!


  1. Those are cute! I'm sure the teachers are going to love them.
    When I was in the first grade, I made my teacher a little flower pot, out of those little jars of colorful sand. When I was in high school, I won a pretty prestigious award, and called him to thank him for making me enjoy learning so much at a young age. He told me he still had it. It was touching.

  2. This is beautiful and awesome! If I were the teacher, I wouldn't want to open it - it's too pretty! Great job!! :) Janis

  3. Very cute and so thoughtful of you.
    I know you kind of have *my baby's going to kindergarden blues*, I had those too at one time. Just think of all the lil' adventures you will have this year. <3 And let's not forget how stellar your goodies will be at all the lil' parties! =] BTW... I'm addicted to pretty sparkly paper too! I'm okay that there's no cure for it tho! <3 God bless!

  4. What a GREAT idea!!
    A whole chewy SWEET new twist on the "apple for the teacher" LOL
    Very cool!! All three of mine will be heading off here in a couple weeks nd my life will be way to quiet AGAIN! :(
    Thanks for the great giveaways!!
    DCWV is the BEST!!

  5. So special! I would love it! hand made gifts are the best. I'm a preschool teacher, I see and have gotten lots of cute gifts from parents. Here's an idea for next time: Make a set of hand made blank note cards and a little box to keep them in. I saw this done for another teacher before. It's so cute. They were little like 3 inches. They were made with a patterned paper puched out with a design like a butterfly and layered over a solid cardstock. The box was decorated with patterned paper, silk flowers and twine.

  6. yeah, that is adorable and such a fast idea, but I WANT THE APPLE!!! LOL! You will have so much fun being the mom of a kindergartener. You can still get away with glitter for boys stuff! And you know what? even when you are the mom of that same baby and he's a really annoying 18 year old, you will still feel the way you feel now. I just don't get it. I don't feel ancient, but my youngest just graduated. ok honestly, my boys understand about girls needing glitter so they know pages will still have glitter. LOL!

  7. So cute.....
    Ummmm.....My boys are 34 and 39 and school clothes shopping is something I don't miss.
    Nor do I miss the homework.
    I do miss being a room Mother though :-)

  8. Great idea; super cute!
    We've got 2 weeks of summer vacation left, but we're really gearing up for school now.

  9. These are so cute, Erin! Thank you for sharing!! We can't wait to hear school updates on all the fun that your kindergartner is having. Have fun, too! Of course, I know you will!!

  10. i am no kindergarten teacher but i would love to get my hands on that yummy treat :)

    the package of course it is gorgeous and thanks for the tut.

  11. What a great idea! These are so cute! I love the bow too ~ how did you tie it like that with the two holes? I'd like to try that.

  12. I LOVE THIS!!! College starts up in a couple of weeks and I may have to make this for all the teachers (I'm a secretary so wouldn't that be a sweet treat!) oh thank you so much for sharing! Can you PLEASE tell us how you tie your bows? They are beautiful!
    Yours TruLee

    Ann Marie

  13. Well first off, tying a bow just takes practice!! If you really want, I can do a video sometime. I love May Arts ribbon and good ribbon always makes a pretty bow :) I tied the bow on this project and then I took the "tails" of the bow (hanging pieces) and wrapped them around to the inside of the apple packaging. Just so you could see the tag and the tails wouldn't be a distraction. Easy, easy. HTH!! -Erin