Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ice Cream, Ice Cream!

 Hello Wednesday, nice to see ya. 

Thank you to everyone for their sweet wishes and stories supporting me in my first days with a Kindergardener. You are so sweet. Troy is doing great, loving the bus, loving his teacher, lovin' life. And I am loving the routine that school brings. Working from home makes you schedule/routine crazy! How else would anything get done?! :)

Last Thursday, I went to a crop night at my awesome friend, Rachel's house. She is so cute & sets up the best crop....lots of tables, treats & Real Housewives of New Jersey playing in the background. I love being able to go, relax and scrapbook for ME and not for work! I always scrapbook my work pages a lot different than my personal pages. Work pages focus on displaying products which means simple photos and not a lot of "craziness" :) So I wanted to share one of my personal pages that I made with the Mango Frost Collection....and I found the entire line for sale at Still lovin' this line. 

I used the Mango Frost Stack and some of the embellishments. To me, this paper screams SUMMER!! I love the colors and they were perfect for our ice cream truck pictures. Check out that ice cream truck...I think it's a vintage :) hee, hee.

My own personal pages always contain multiple photos, handwriting and almost always buttons and ribbon. A girl has to have buttons & ribbon! Well this girl at least :)

Love these Mango Frost Chipboard Letters. Love mixing handwriting and letters.

I love scrapbooking with the advice you get about where to put "this and that". I always love getting their feedback. And scrapbooking at Rachel's means you get to rummage through her amazing scrap room/stash. Thanks for my buttons, Rach :)

Thats the best thing about scrapbooking...being with friends, playing with paper and eating...lots and lots of treats. No wonder we love this hobby so much!! 

Have a fabulous day everyone! There will be something {exciting} here tomorrow!! Check back!


  1. Sounds like HEAVEN!
    Great Layout! The Smile on his face is contagious!
    What a perfect summer memory!
    I haven't seen the Mango Frost Stack in person yet! I think i gotta though!

  2. What fun this is, Erin! Your page is adorable and all the elements in it. Oh, I am a ribbon and buttons girl myself. I definitely understand!

    Wow, Mango frost looks delish. I hope it is around for a while cos' I just bought some Amber Autumn and Midnight Spell (yeah) and need to be good for a bit. hehe.

    'So glad that Troy is off to a good start at school. 'Way to go, Troy!

    It's always so much fun visiting your blog, Erin. Thank you!!

  3. Bought both stacks of Mango Frost and love them. An american friend of mine picked up Amber Autumn, MIdnight Spell and Black Current for me at Joann's for 9.99 each and shipped them to Canada. Cant wait to start playing with them. I LOVE your stacks and cant wait to see the Christmas ones this year. I am sure they will be a must have for me just have to figure out were to store them I am running out of space, LOL.

  4. Love your LO.
    I think your little guy is adorable.
    I thought wow he looks just like Mommy until I saw the picture of his Daddy.
    Now I can see both of you in him.
    Glad everything went well at school on the first day, glad you made it through.
    I think think first day of school sometimes are harder on the parents.

  5. oh I love it! And yes, buttons and ribbon are very good. Great photos and I have to laugh at how well the popsicle matches his shorts... just in case of a spill. LOVE that alpha - I need to pick it up because I really love that collection.

  6. great lo... I have never seen that stack, I think I am in love or is it lust - I will be on the hunt!!!!

  7. How fun to enjoy some me/friend time!
    These layouts are great. Your son is absolutely adorable!

  8. What a sweet, sweet layout... he has your eyes!! I have yet to find someone to scrapbook with, but i'm hopeful! :) BTW, that stack is so yummy looking!!