Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a DAY!

Hi! I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! I was hoping to get this done yesterday, but it didn't. 

Reasons why this did not get posted yesterday:

1. My boys decided to put a whole bottle of toothpaste in their hair and the dogs hair and flood their bathroom while I was busy brainstorming this project.

2. My boys decided to climb a shelf to reach the Powerade in the garage and proceeded to drink 8 bottles of sugary drink. Can you imagine how wound up they were??!

3. I had to make 3 trips to the store to get "one more thing" to finish the project. And one little boy with dried blue toothpaste in his hair decided to have an "accident" at the store on one of the visits. 

It was "one of those days" for a working mama. I know I will look back on these days and smile, but now is not going to be the time!!

The idea for this project just hit me in the middle of folding laundry. CHA-Summer is coming up and I want to make some new hybrid projects to show off in our booth. So I had hybrid on my brain. I had SO MUCH FUN making this bag!!

I designed a simple digital design using Photoshop Elements 8 and the "Extreme Boys 2" Digital Kit by My little boy is a junk hoarder so I knew he could fill this bag up with his "stuff". :)

I printed the digital design on Avery Fabric Transfer Sheets and heat transferred it onto a simple canvas bag. This project cost me $ 3.53 since I already had a big stash of buttons! 

I think the buttons really make the project "pop" with texture. If you do this bag, get nice and comfy with your bag, buttons, a movie and a Diet Coke since it's going to take you a while!

The possibilities you could do with this are endless!! A kids piano bag, a teachers "show and tell" bag....get the idea? Even if you aren't into learning digital scrapbooking, you hybrid project that you can do with Photoshop and digital kits make it worth it to learn the program!

Have a great Wednesday, will be back on Friday :)


  1. OMG ERIN!!!! What a crazy day. Boys are great and love their mommies, but they can cause you so many "tear my hair out" moments. Glad you made it our of the day without any injuries! Hope you poured yourself a glass of wine!

  2. Awesome bag! I'm so sorry to hear about your day yesterday! I would've been crying by the end of the day for sure! I hope today is better! TFS!

  3. Very cute! I made a cute bag for my Mom that says Grandma's Book Bag for her to carry her book to the hairdressers in, or where ever she wants to take it. She loves it.
    Now my question is, did the toothpaste and the accident happen before or after the sugary drinks? What a day you had!
    Last week I came down to the living room and found odd sticks stuck in a box. After some questioning of my son, I found out that he and his best buddy had decided to make bows and arrows. They had gone to the garage and used a very old pair of crutches to make the bows along with some of my hubbys framing wire, but when they tried to 'shoot the shovel' (WHAT????) they broke. Come to find out it was an old toy shovel. So you may ask, how old is my son and his buddy. My son is turning 18 in August and his buddy just turned 18 last month. They NEVER grow up do they? These are two very intelligent kids, sometimes ya gotta wonder!