Monday, April 26, 2010

What a great way to start the week! I am so excited about this sharing this with you this morning!! 

The wait is's finally here and in the iTunes store!!

We have been waiting to get digital scrapbooking App just right before we released it and it took a little longer than expected...but you will see that this app was worth the wait!!! Here is a basic walk through of what you can do:

This is my first "Quick Page" that I made on my iPhone using our Citrus line. Made it on my phone laying in bed watching "Live with Regis and Kelly" to be exact :)

With a touch of a button is was posted to my Facebook wall! From there, I saved it onto my computer and here it is! The app can be purchased HERE for $1.99. The iPad version is being created by our developer right now!! I sold my Kindle to my best friend to force me into the iPad world!! I can't wait to get one!

I am announcing a GIVEAWAY on the 300dpi message board for a $30 gift certificate to our digital site,! Head on over to enter! THIS LINK will take you right there!

Let me know what you think of the app if you have already downloaded it or plan to!! Have a great day and we'll see you on Wednesday!

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