Friday, April 23, 2010

A little birdie told me....

Happy Friday!! This week slowly crept by for me...but the good thing about that is I seemed to get LOTS ton for work and around my house. I love feeling productive and crossing things off of my "to do" list. 

Just wanted to share a project that we created for Michaels with one of their exclusive stacks...


The project was made with this stack, "The Family Connections" Stack. It has a vintage feel with family tree pages and lots of great patterns. But really, you could this project with any of our awesome stacks :)

I think this project is so cute!! The tag says, "A little birdie told me that you were new in the neighborhood. Welcome!" The can is a nut can (cashews, almonds) and it would be no problem emptying that can at our house! :)

I have included the detailed instructions so if you have any questions making this, you can refer to the instructions. The can could be filled with treats or little papers with all of the neighbors names, addresses and phone numbers so they can get to know people easier.

Have a great weekend...see you on Monday!!

DCWV Family Connections

Supplies & Tools:
-The Family Connections Stack-(Teal Floral), (Beige Stripe), (Cream Floral), (Teal Label), (Tags)
Template-(Birdhouse1, 2, 3)*
-Empty cylindrical can (A small nut can is recommended)
- Cardboard
- Adhesive
- Scissors
- Scoring tool
- Small hole punch
- Twine
- Computer print-out on vellum (A little bird told me that you’re new in the neighborhood)
- Brad setting tool
- Brads (2)
- Embroidery floss (Cream)
- Glitter glue
- Foam mount squares

  The template specifications of this project were created from tracing a small nut can. Depending on your can size, you can create your own template by using your can, label and lid as templates. You will need to add about ½ inch around the circumference of the lid to create the base.

1.     Start with a clean, empty can with lid.
2.     Trace and cut the bottom of the can from (Teal Floral). Adhere to the bottom of the can.
3.     Turn can upside down so the lid is facing downward. This is the direction your can will be to create your birdhouse. The lid will be the bottom of your birdhouse.
4.     Cut out all shapes from template (Birdhouse1, 2, 3).
5.     Trace and cut out the center piece shape from (Beige Stripe). Adhere to can.
6.     Trace and cut out small decorative roof shape from (Teal Floral). Adhere to can with foam mount.
7.     Cut a small brown circle shape from (Tags). Adhere to the can.
8.     Cut a ½ inch strip from (Cream Floral) and wrap around the base of the can. Trim excess.
9.     Trace and cut out the base shape from (Cream Floral) and cardboard. Adhere (Cream Floral) to cardboard.
10.  Adhere base to the bottom of the can.
11.  Trace and cut out the roof shapes from (Teal Floral).
12.  Using a scoring tool, score the edges of the paper so it will fold easily.
13.  Using small hole punch, punch holes along the edges of the roof.
14.  Fold the edges of the roof.
15.  Adhere the center of the roof together with adhesive to form the peak of the roof.
16.  Adhere the roof to the can by adhering foam mount squares to the edges of the can.
17.  Punch a hole to the center of the roof.
18.  Using the template, trace and cut bird shape from (Cream Floral).
19.  Decorate bird with glitter glue and stitching. Punch a small hole and attach with twine to the roof.
20.  Create a tag using (Teal Label), glitter glue, and vellum. Insert brads and attach to the roof with embroidery floss.

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