Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stacks, Stacks, and more Stacks.

Stacks, stacks and more stacks. That could be the name of my craft studio. Sometimes I feel like they are taking over my life, in a wonderfully, delicious way of course! I have had to try and find the best way organize my stacks os I know what I have at all times! In this post, I showed you how I labeled my 12x12 stacks and lined my shelves with them. For my 8x8 & matstacks, I have done a similar way of storing. I label the bindings with my Sharpie and instead of lining my shelves, I store them in plastic storage boxes. I store the lid on the bottom of the box so when I need a matstack, I can just slide out the box and find what I need and slide it back in. No messing with the lids, they are always in my way :) I have open shelves under my desk so that is where I store mine.

I love anyway that will keep my hobby of "collecting" crafting supplies in an organized way. Because collecting the supplies is half the fun!!

Have a great day!


  1. Hmm I spy with my little eye an ALL GIRL STACK!? When does /did this one come out!?!?

  2. I'm "patiently" awaiting the arrival of Mango Frost in our local stores. So far, it has been eluding me.....

  3. That is alot of paper! Great way to organize it! I might have to copy it! My DCWV stacks are starting to take over! :)

  4. You are SO right! Yesterday I was organizing and thinking "How am I ever going to use ALL of this stuff I have collected?" The answer is that I probably won't, but it sure has been so much fun collecting it :)