Monday, March 8, 2010

One "grown-up" little boy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I had a couple date nights with my man so I was a happy I had a night of uninterrupted scrap time which made me a VERY happy girl! I made the cutest Disney autograph books for my boys to take to Disneyland next month...I don't know who loves them more, me or them!!

Many may not know that DCWV has an entire home decor line of some awesome stuff. Vinyl & frames galore, super cute. Click on the DCWV Home icon on the right panel to see more goodies!

When I saw the new wall art, I could see that our designers and product developers totally outdid themselves. There are some really awesome designs, and I can't wait to show them to you over the next few weeks. (Our playroom will be taken over by dinosaurs tomorrow...will be sure to show those soon!) What I love about these wall accents is that they are "peel & stick" which means they are repositionable on the wall. If it's crooked, no problem. If you want to move it to another wall, no problem. Love that. 

My little Troy is 5 and he is thinking he is pretty grown up lately. Kindergarden is quickly approaching and I wanted to get him a calendar in his room. I know he is old enough to keep up with the week and know which days he had school, band practice, play dates. So I grabbed this calendar from the DCWV Home Wall Accents Line. 

This is the comes in a hard plastic tube as the's pretty heavy duty so I'm sure I could think of some fun storage ideas to do with my empty tubes :) Plus, the calendar comes with it's own dry erase marker.

Each day column is it's own I staggered the heights a little just to make it different. Troy was very specific on what he wanted on his calendar :)

Is he proud of himself or what? (he closes his eyes because "the flash is too bright." A scrapbooking mamas worst nightmare!) 

There is a wall calendar specific for homework assignments but we are at least a year away from homework....hopefully! Troy hid his marker where no one could find it, especially his little brother :)
Just keeping my fingers crossed that the dry eraser marker doesn't end up on my wall....which I should just plan on happening!

I will be doing a giveaway on Friday so keep watching! It's coming!!!

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