Monday, March 22, 2010

It's good to be queen.....

There is a really great thing living in a home full of boys....I am the queen. I am the princess. I have my 3 year old trained to think anything pink belongs to me , "Mommy the Princess" he says. Makes up for the toliet seat always being up and having a pile of cowboy boots by my front door. :)

When I saw this wall art from DCWV Home, I knew I needed to put it somewhere in my world where I could see it everyday! It is peel & stick wall art that comes with rhinestones that you add to the crowns. Every princess needs a little bling, bling!

It comes with a huge sheet of crowns and a whole sheet of the colors of these!

And if I want to see my beautiful jeweled crown as often as I can, I have to stick it on my computer since I am working on it non stop throughout the day!! 

And I only used 1 many left in the pack!! How cute would these be in a little girls room or a teenagers room? Everyone can be a princess!! 

Super busy this week making some projects for HSN next those craft shows!! I will be back on Wednesday with something super cute! Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. So cute! I've decorated my laptop with vinyl too! cna't wait to se whats coming on Wed!

  2. Oh my! :) I just LOVE this! :) Hmmm....may have to get 2 since I have my daughter (Princess Sasha) and me (Queen Mama)! HA! :)