Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Confession and a Sneak Peek!!

OK, I am a total nerd admitting this. But I feel like I can share it with you right? We are close enough by now....

I am totally addicted to TV shopping networks. Yes. QVC & HSN...and an occasional infommerical when my hubby has control of the remote. I love sitting in my jammies and shopping! This week alone I made 2 purchases from TV networks....Philosophy beauty products and a set of new Tupperware :) Totally dorky but I love it!!! I have had the chance to be on set during several of our airings during craft shows and the atmosphere is incredible. I think that contributes to my facination with all of the pretty, shiny things they are showing me on TV!

It is so exciting when DCWV is a part of these shows! This Monday, March 15th, we will be on HSN (Home Shopping Network) with some great products! Some of our most popular kits along with some brand new stuff! Love it!

A little sneak peek at one of the kits that will be available on Monday during the 6am show, at an incredible value I may add :)

Looking at this project, you probably think, what is so special about this project and the products? Well you can't tell from the picture but it is one of our companies biggest time savers: Adhesive Cardstock! All of the great features of DCWV cardstock: awesome texture, white core with a huge perk, an adhesive backing on the paper that you simply peel off!  

Take this project for example. When I covered the chipboard pages of this little album, I simply cut the cardstock so it was a little bigger than the chipboard page. Then I peeled the backing off of the cardstock and stuck it to the chipboard piece. Ran my Xacto knife around the edges to give it a smooth edge and that's it! No worrying about how to get the paper down without having any kind of bubbles from adhesive. And if you use ANY kind of die cutting system, the adhesive cardstock is perfect for those. Run the paper through your machine and then peel the backing of your die cut piece like a sticker.

For the letters "book" and all of the numbers and number spellings, I used my Cricut to cut those out. With the settings on 2/5 it cut out my letters and numbers while leaving the backing intact. I didn't have to worry about getting the adhesive on the small letters! Love it!

And there is nothing like a little test run by a 3 year old. He actually tested it by stealing it off the table when I was trying to take pictures of it. I could tell he loved the textures of the buttons!

So write it on your calendar or set your Tivos for DCWV on HSN (Home Shopping Network). 
Shows with our product will be during shows starting at: 
6am Eastern
4pm Eastern

And this adhesive paper package will be in the 6am show for an AWESOME price! Bright and early!! :)

Get out those crafting projects, either paper in your hand or the mouse of your computer in your hand! Have a fabulous day and I will be back on Friday with another HSN kit peek and also for a GIVEAWAY!!!


  1. What a great idea, my daughter is the same age and would love something like that. She loves playing with my buttons but I never thought of something like that

  2. This is such a cute book. Makes me want to stop what I'm doing and create my own.

  3. Such a neat idea! I will have to make one for my little guy! Right now he's a little young, I'm afraid he might swallow the buttons but maybe I could sew them to the cardstock before gluing it on the pages... ;-) Thanks for the inspiration! :-D