Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Another Monday. Another start of a week. I swear these weeks have just been flying by! As a huge Peyton Manning fan, I was so sad for him last night losing his first Super Bowl. (Hey, my little boy's name is Colt for a reason!) But they couldn't have lost to a better team with such a great story. I am just sad overall that football is over until fall :(

But I was thrilled when I was on our website this morning and noticed that there are 7 new digital kits available! How is that for a Monday morning pick-me-up! The new kits are:

One of my favorites from this release is the "Hittin the Books" line. I love the colors and the light vintage feel that it has. Here is a page that I quickly made with the kit of my oldest boy, Troy.

This digital kit is also available as a paper stack and is available only in Michaels stores. I am visualizing all of the fun hybrid projects for teachers, principals & home room moms that you could do with both the  digital kit and the stack! 


  1. Hola!!!!! I love this page!!!! Your son is beautiful!!!!! Kisses from México!

  2. This is a paper stack. You can see where I've used in on a layout on my blog.

  3. Cute and yes i saw this stack at my M's yesterday

  4. yea! Love the new kits. Adorable page and photo :)

  5. I would love to see this stack in person