Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Be Mine" Valentines Banner

I grew up in a home where my mom was the queen of decorating the house for every single holiday. I just thought that everyone did this and that it was normal. So of course, now that I have my own home, I break out my tubbies of decorations for every holiday! It is the best feeling when you put away all of the blue & grey Snowmen decorations from January and get out the bright pink & red Valentines decorations for February. And I leave mine up for the whole month of February because it's just way too much work to get it out for 2 weeks. :) 

After getting out all of my decorations, I knew my mantle needing something as a finishing touch. I decided to do a simple banner with the Be Mine Stack, a Joanns exclusive stack which happens to be 50% off right now!

 It is a beautiful stack with glitter & gloss, hearts & birds, lace & keys. I love the vintage look that it has all on it's own. 

This is a super, simple project and I will quickly show you how easy it is! And when you use this paper, there is no need for embellishing because the glitter is already on the paper!

You will get 2 banner pieces out of a 12x12 piece of paper. So my banner only took 4 pieces of paper, love that. Cut your 12x12 paper in half so it is 6x12. With a ruler, make a mark in the center of each side. (6 inch mark on the 12 inch side, 3 inch mark on the 6 inch side.)

Connect the dots to make a big diamond. You can do this on each individual sheet or make a guide out of a scrap piece of paper and simply trace the guide onto each piece of paper like I did in my picture. Cut out the diamond shapes. I think it's easiest to use an Xacto knife and ruler but you can use scissors if you prefer.

Score the diamond in half to make your triangle pieces. I used my Scor-Pal but you could use a bone folder or any other tool that you use to score.

With the triangles folded, punch a hole on each end of the triangle to string your ribbon through. I used short pieces of black stripe ribbon from May Arts. Tie a simple knot and continue connecting all of the banner pieces. On the two end pieces, make sure your piece of ribbon is a little longer for hanging purposes.

And here is the finishing product! If you wanted to get super creative, you could add letters like "Be Mine" or "Love You" to your banner. But I think it's just cute with the paper, because the paper is so yummy on all it's own! 

So here is your weekend project! Have a great weekend and "GO COLTS!"


  1. oh that is gorgeous! i have been wanting to make one of these forever

    go saints ;)!

  2. This is beautiful. I love the color combination and the idea can work for other holidays as well. Love it!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the stack!

    kazii @ tstt dot net dot tt