Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Design team call!! Design team call!!

We hope you are just as excited as us for a design team call!  Our team has worked so hard for the last 2 1/2 years and we will be honest...we are hoping to get as diverse and fun of a team put together for this next round! 

So, what are we looking for?  We want dedicated, talented, and fun-loving individuals!  We want people that are excited about paper crafts AND beads!  We want those that are falling in love with (or have a long standing affection for) the DCWV and Blue Moon Beads brand.  

In short, we want YOU!

In order to apply for the team, please submit the following information:
  1. Name
  2. Photo
  3. Craft or beading story (how did you get started, what keeps you going?)
  4. Blog information (i.e. address, followers, etc.)
  5. Additional social media platform information (i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  6. 1 image of each of the following: scrapbook page, card, mixed media project, and/or jewelry project (the previous project can count for this as well)
  7. Comfort level with the above-listed projects
  8. Comfort level with creating videos
If chosen for the team, you will receive:
  • Opportunity to be considered for team leader position*
  • New product packages at least 4 times a year
  • Regular features on the DCWV blog
  • Opportunity to complete select projects* that will be in print
  • Additional blog traffic
*Compensation will be awarded for these two items; that information will be shared when the offer to be part of the team is sent.

In return, we would need you to:
  • Be committed to participate on the team for up to 2 years
  • Display high level of proficiency in crafting across various medias
  • Help build the DCWV and BMB following on various social media platforms 
  • Create and post projects 3 times per month (one post will be on the DCWV blog); this will imply the ability of us to use these projects as needed for other crafting requests
  • Participate in an online focus group once a month
  • Additional projects per availability
In regard to beads, this is the first time we've tried to incorporate them into our paper team. You do not need to be a paper crafting expert to be considered for a bead/jewelry position; rather, you need to be "very fluent" in beads to be considered for a bead/jewelry position, with added experience in paper.  

So...ready to get started?  You have from today, October 1st, until midnight, October 17th, to submit your application.  Please e-mail them to meganlloyd(at)dcwv(dot)com.  You, along with several of our current team members, will be considered very carefully for these positions.  

We can't wait to hear from you! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Big be continued another time...

That's right peeps—I got word today that I rushed in to teasing you with the Christmas paper products for Joann Stores.  I'm sorry for that—I hate when people tease me about anything.

I will try and hold you over for a few weeks though with a few things:

  • New paper in Hobby Lobby
  • Christmas paper in Michaels
  • Design team call

That's read it...a design team call!  I'll have more details for you in a few days, but I wanted to let you know that you should finally be on the lookout!  This team will be structured a bit differently than the last—different requirements, different set up, etc.  We are so excited and we hope you will be too! So, please be aware that this opportunity is coming because we'd love to hear from everyone that is interested.  

In the meantime, who loves burlap?  What about printed cork?  Corrugate? Check out the new products over at Hobby Lobby!



Please forgive me for these videos—my phone was the most handy "video maker" I had available at the time.  Have you seen these yet though?  Put any of them to good use on a fun craft?  We'd love to hear about your experiences with them!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Christmas is here!! Christmas is here!!

This morning, I took a trip from the office out to the warehouse to give myself a little change of pace for the morning.  I made my way out to the Quality Control area (at the very back of the photo shown on the bottom) to hunt for new items.  

I was pretty sure that Santa's Crafty helpers had made an appearance, but I wanted to be certain.  I knew the girls back there would know...and they didn't fail me!  Here is what I found:

Christmas is here!  Christmas is here! 

Stay tuned in for close ups, cover shots, and more very soon!  

Have a fabulous weekend! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Winner winner!!!

Hello friends—welcome to the middle of Thursday!

While we're showing off a birthday crown above, we wanted to say thanks to all you fabulous people that catch up with us here on the blog each week!  You are important to us!

Today will be short and sweet.  We just wanted to get on and let you know who our winners are from Tuesday.  Here is the list, with winners selected at random:

Well, today I am working on a Halloween banner with my DD, and I then plan on making a mobile, probably Halloween themed, for the house, which will probably end up in DD's room. She's counting down the days until Halloween---very excited little girl on my hands! :D
Those are awesome projects!
I am creating tons of things for fall! I am doing Halloween things, of course, but also making gift holders for jars of jelly to give as gifts :) The things you can do with paper are endless!
no fall here which is sunny 365days throughout the year. Kid in school and so I have more time to create layouts and also finishing a photobook project.
Your designs are so cute. Fall is my favorite time of year, we have horses and the cool air makes them frisky. I just love watching them run and buck, acting like little foals again. I hope to scrapbook this short time of exhilaration in their lives.
I am working on catching up on some layouts! Love the season and all of the changing colors, just waiting to head to the pumpkin patch so I can get scrapping on those memories.
I will be making cards for friends and family. I plan to make a lot of blank cards that could be used for any occasion. I will start by using what I have. I have many stacks that I haven't used.
Currently I'm working on a football layout, but really soon I'm going to be decorating the wood cut letters for "Brains" with some really fun Zombie paper I have! Super excited!!
These are super cute! Especially like the little scarecrow and leaf banner.
I'm working on my Fairy House for my the new stacks...tfs
I am working on Halloween favors for my children coop. Plus trying to get little gifts for the nieces and nephews who do not live close by for Halloween.

Thanks to everyone who took time to leave us a comment!  As you can tell, though, we had a hard time selecting just 3 of you to get a surprise we picked 9!  If you see your comment listed above, please send your mailing address (no PO boxes please) to meganlloyd(at)DCWV(dot)com.  Items will be sent out by next week at the latest.

Have a  great Thursday! See you back here tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hump day Halloween crafts!

We are just over a month away from Halloween—and I haven't done any crafts yet!  I've seen some lovelies from our design team members, and also from the girls here in the office...but as for myself, forget it!   Hopefully that will change soon!

For the rest of you that are ahead of the game (or want to be), we currently are offering the Eek-a-Boo stack at JoAnn Stores.  I know that this, along with the Sweater Weather stack, is in HIGH demand.  If you haven't bought either one yet, hurry on over to you local JoAnn and take a look!  

Here are just a few of the fun crafts you can make with this stack:

Doesn't that make you want to craft?? 

Tomorrow we will announce the winners from yesterdays post.  See you then!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello Fall!

Yes, it's true, Fall has come again.  I told my husband I'm excited for a few things:

1. Additions to the "wardrobe" (time to bring out the layers)
2. Pumpkin spice (we share that love!)
3. Pumpkin patches
4. Changing leaves

With the arrival of Fall comes a wealth of FABULOUS craft projects!  Wreaths, banners, party decor, cards  and more.  

Have you seen the Sweater Weather stack in Joann Stores?  If not, be sure to pick it up today (if yours has some left—they are in high demand!) and try out some of the crafts below:


What are you working on for Fall? Let us know below and enter for a chance to win a set of 2 matstacks with coordinating embellishments!  3 winners will be chosen on Thursday!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Art is for healing—a letter to you

Dear friends,

This post is quite late, but we wanted to let you know we are back for the week!

We've got some fabulous things to share in the coming days and weeks; lots of fun new products with videos, projects, and more.

For today, however, I have a donation project on my mind.  I could really use your help with it too, as I know many of you have been more involved than me in this particular "field."  What "field" am I referring to?  

Cancer and art.  

This week, we (some fabulous girls from my church group, ages 12 to 18, myself, and a few other adults) have the opportunity to put together kits for cancer patients at a local hospital.  We're hoping to put in a beaded project, a scrapbook/memory project, and a book.  

What type of scrapbook projects or beaded items have you created for friends and family with cancer?  Have you been the recipient of a gift when you were in chemo that helped with your healing? What type of paper prints/colors help brighten your day?

Please leave your comments below–art therapy suggestions and stories, cancer memories, and more.  

Life can be hard but hopefully together, we can make it brighter for a few people at a time.

Have a great day!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Treat Bag Video Tutorial - Bohemian Sunrise

Hi everyone!  It's Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios, and today I get to share a little video tutorial for you all using a really beautiful stack available at Michaels called Bohmenian Sunrise!

One of my favourite parts of this stack happen to be the journaling tags that you can cut out for all sorts of different projects.  And while they are perfect for cards and layouts, I also thought one might look cute as a little treat bag.  So I grabbed my scoring board and got to work!

Voila - one treat bag ready to hold a little treasure or two for the important people in your life.  
Here's how you can make it too!

Well, that's it for me today!  Thanks for stopping by, and let me know what you thought of my first video for DCWV!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Announcements: Winners from Tuesday!!

Hi all!

We wanted to take a quick second to call out our winners from Tuesday!  

Here they are:

I love the blues and greens mixed together. The texture really adds to the piece.
thanks for sharing a delightful project.

Rita is such a talented artist, Love all the the pieces she creates. Those those looks very fun to play with. Thanks rita for the ideas and inspiration.

I have fun adding texture using the different stack, cork, foil, burlap, etc., but I haven't conquered my fear of mixed media! :o)

Utterly stupendously gorgeous! Wowza!

I'm glad I watched the video, because I had no idea how to use gelatos!
DCWV, please have more videos and tutorials like this, because I always learn something!

Mahalo for sharing a fabulous project; will have to mail order these new stacks.

Very pretty and love all the colors you used!!
That collection looks amazing its on my shopping list!
Look forward to seeing in our store soon!

I love the texture on this piece and the color is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

Love your sample. Just bought the Cork stack, I had been avoiding it because I wasn't sure what you could do with it. Seems very versatile however. Now I'm excited to try it.

Be sure to e-mail meganlloyd(at)DCWV(dot)com with your address to claim you Vintage Essentials stack!

One more announcement for today—did you know we have a Facebook page for our fans that speak Spanish?  If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link for you to check it out!

Have a great day! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bohemian Sunrise - Layout Process Video

Hello Stack-a-Holics! This is Rachel popping in today with a fun Layout Process video using the amazing Bohemian Sunrise stack, available at Michael's! The layout also follows the current September Stack-a-Holic sketch challenge (revisit that post here for all the details).

Please enjoy my video, my ramblings, and my stories! I'm also sharing the finished photos here on the blog.


Here is the current sketch I followed:

Thanks for visiting DCWV today :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mixed Media with DCWV

Hey sweet friends!  Rita Barakat here today and guess what? It's time for a giveaway!
First I want to share a little bit about some of the newest hottest stacks! If you haven't seen or used them yet let me share a bit! I used the Cork stack and Vintage Essentials stack! Everywhere you look natural colors and textures are hot hot hot! The Cork can be altered (painted) and gives you a textured look without bulk because it is a thin layer. The Vintage Essentials is lots of delicate tissue paper wit gorgeous printed patterns! These are both great for your scarpboooks and mixed  media pieces as I have here!

On a side view you can see the texture on my project! It is a piece of Vintage Essentials crumbled up into a ball then flattened back out, glued down and painted over! I love the texture and the pattern still shows through the painted color!  I made a short video for you on the assembling of the heart!

Hope you liked it! Please leave a comment, we will pick and announce in winner tomorrow!!
April 2014 132100siggyb
Rita Barakat, Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer & Educator. From wall murals to itty bitty minis you can find her work in various hospitals, corporations, family homes, manufacture websites and magazines. She designs for DCWV, Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, The Crafters Workshop, Deflecto and freelances for a variety of manufacturers

Monday, September 15, 2014

Special materials projects!

Hello friends!  Monday is back again.  It sure seems that is hurries to get here each week!  

Today, we have a video for you from Karla.  She, along with a few other members of our design team, took on a "cork" video challenge.  The cork stack is currently available in Michaels

Have you had any fun adventures with this or other stacks?  Let us know!  We'd love to give away a few just because!!  Leave us a comment below—6 people will be chosen.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket challenge=Employee bonding time

Happy Friday evening everyone!  So sorry for the late post—we're glad you're here!!

To finish off your week, we wanted to share something that we did as a company this week.  Introducing the DCWV #ALSIcebucket challenge!  Who would've thought that we could bond over ice?  We didn't!  But we sure had a blast completing our challenge from our friends at @Gluedots.  

Without any further delay, here is the video: 


How did we do? 

We've got lots of fun projects planned for the blog this next week—be sure to stop by.  Until then, have a great weekend!  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miracles Wall Art - Melon Twist Stack

"Out of difficulties grow miracles." - Jean De La Breye're

Tessa Buys here today with a special project. A lesson I keep learning, time and time again, is that when trials, traumas, challenges and conflicts arise in my life, there is always something good that comes of them. The lessons I learn, the growing I do, or the people I meet or become closer to are all miracles that grow from unhappy, hard, difficult days. Most of the time those miracles are something I never would have expected and could never have experienced were it not for the problem I had to overcome. On a day like today, when we remember a dark and difficult time, this is a message I try to focus on. I remember and honor, but I look to the miracles.

To help me look to those miracles, I made this piece of wall art. I started with a 5x7 piece of blue polka dot paper from the Melon Twist Stack. Next, I layered a piece of 4x6 corrugated paper that I had distressed. Next came a 3.5 x 4.5 piece of vellum. The next layers are 3x4 cards from the Melon Twist Stack. I love the "smile" card.

To bring out the coral-orange color of the cards, I embellished with paper roses. I added some thread and felt leaves, and splattered a bit of black ink. Lastly, I typed up the quotation at the top of this post, printed it, then trimmed it out and added it to my assemblage.

Because this wall art is 3 dimensional, I added it to my frame in front of the glass. I still have the glass safely stored in case I want to use the frame for something else one day, and my wall art is perfectly propped up from behind.

If today is a difficult day for you, have hope. If you see someone having a difficult day, be their miracle. And, perhaps, craft a little something up to help you remember that. Thanks for visiting. Tessa