Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quilled Paper

Good day to all!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to this new day. I'm very busy creating, gluing, playing with scissors and folding paper. Having a great day in fact. I hope you enjoy what I want to show you today. 

A few weeks back you were shown a quick peek at a project I did for a show DCWV participated in. The size of this project was 2'x3'. I'm not sure if anyone would attempt a crafted item of this size but using some of the ideas on a scrapbook page or in a shadow box or frame in your homes would be fun. 

This project if basically a huge "Quilling" creation. I've rolled up many, many, rolls in a variety of colors and paper : fiber, corrugated, woven, cork. You can do this also with any of these paper stacks that DCWV has at your local store. The paper needs to be of a solid material. This method you can't use a white cored paper. The only material I had a question on whether I would use it again was the cork paper. At the very first initial roll of the cork, it would crack. But as you continued the rolling the breaking would stop. Because it wasn't being rolled tightly. Then when each roll was finished I would put a blob of hot glue on my mat and set the rolled paper on top of the blob gluing the paper so it didn't unroll. I spent many, many hours along with my daughter rolling the paper I used in this project. Thank you Brittney!!

Here is a link to the magazine this project.For more details on the magazine, please visit: http://www.papercraftsmag.com/articles/Creative-Spaces--Vol--3.  

Just a note for you before you start on this type of large project remember the weight of the final piece will be a factor on how you display your project.

 Supplies you might want to gather up to help you out in rolling the paper up.

-quilling tool-this has a thin slot in the 

 metal shaft to insert the paper into and  
 then twist to roll up the paper up.

-my home made tool-a thin dowel which

 I took a wood burning tool to and cut
 a slot into and then wrapped with string
 so it didn't split.

-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-hot glue mat or a silicone hot pad
-tweezers in any size you have around

Cut your paper in strips. I used widths of 1/4" up to 2". But you will have to adjust the widths you use to your frame. Depending on the size of your papers dimensions you will need more than one paper length to accomplish the circumference of your rolls.

This large rolled flower here is 2" round. You will notice in the following photos the different widths of paper will make a wonderful display of dimension to the look and feel of a project.

I chose a background that would show off the paper
 as well and have it coordinate with the color of some
of the papers used. 

Make your flowers with your own imagination by bending the paper strip. Add in a couple of rolled strips to make a fun looking flower. Glue down using a liquid glue and hold in place. Use strips of paper for stems and leaves.

I hope you will look up the article in the magazine.  Let us know if you create a project from what you have seen here. When you start the assembly of a project and it turns out this good it makes you feel like smiling !

Thank you so much for stopping in today. I hope you are inspired to create with DCWV. This is Celeste Crockett, I will see you back in a couple of weeks.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Who Says Neutrals Are Boring?

Happy Monday all! This is Rachel posting today to share an adorable mini album to help get your week started!

I'm sharing the great Neutral Corrugated 6x6 stack, which I paired along with the new Weekend Neutrals 12x12 stack and Printed Corrugate Stack.

There are things I always love doing with my corrugates: make mini albums and paint them. The thickness of the corrugate makes it super sturdy for your albums and the texture looks great behind your photos.

As you can see, I'm obsessed with my Meeko, who just turned 8 years old in May! The album showcases all the fun adventures he got to have for his big birthday (he is now officially a SENIOR in dog years!)

So I don't clog up this page with pictures of Meeko, I've created a short Flipagram to show off the whole album. Just hit PLAY and enjoy the 12 seconds!

Some of the Stackaholics out there may have also noticed I sprinkled in some accents from the Hello Mister stack as well :)


Thanks for making me a part of your Monday! Hopefully I've inspired you to look at those neutrals in a more exciting way! 

Click here for more inspiration from Rachel

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vintage Essentials Mixed Media

Happy Friday Blog friends!  Just a quick note from the office before Tessa gets us started with another fabulous project!  So sorry we missed our giveaway last week—these days blur together!  We will work harder to find a better schedule!  In the meantime, here are our 6 winners of new stacks:

I am really liking soft pastel green right now! Love your card!

Ohhhh....great stack! I'm really loving coral and mint right now...great color combo!

I tend to go for cornflower blue.

Congrats to the winners! And I love this new embossed stack....hope my Joann's has it in stock!

Congrats to the winners!
I love that new stack!
I see so many creative projects with that stack!!
My go to color is anything in the blue tones!
I love that color turquoise too!
Your card is so pretty!!

My go too color is usually green. (if you saw my solid card stack, you would understand LOL. I have twice the green as I do any other color).

Be sure to e-mail me at meganlloyd(at)dcwv(dot)com with your address! 

Now...without any further delay...

Hello! Tessa here. I am excited to be sharing a new stack with you called Vintage Essentials:

Vintage Essentials is a stack of neutral, vintage-inspired designs printed on newsprint paper. The light weight of the paper makes Vintage Essentials ideal for altered projects. For my first experiment with this stack, I decided to try decoupage.

I started with an 11x14 canvas panel that I had coated with gesso and allowed to dry. Next, I trimmed a piece of polka dot newsprint from the stack and adhered it to my canvas with paper Mod Podge. The newsprint went down beautifully! I left a few wrinkles for texture, but the paper would have smoothed out perfectly if I wanted it to. I tore a few smaller pieces from a script pattern in the stack and adhered those to the canvas, as well.

After the paper had dried, I used gelatos to add color. I absolutely love how the patterns of the Vintage Essentials papers come through the color. The polka dots and script look so pretty through the transparent paint.

Next, I decoupaged a few pieces of fabric to the canvas, and finally, I added a border with a pen, paint splatters with black mist, and a stamped sentiment.

I cannot wait to play more with the Vintage Essentials stack! I have dreams of paper flowers and decoupaged boxes in my head. You can find the stack at your local Michaels store very soon! Thanks for visiting today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Create your own sunshine with the Quince Blossom stack!

Hi everyone, it is Karen from ScrappyCanuck Studios!  

Recently, DCWV sent me a new stack called Quince Blossom.  It is now available (or should be soon!) at Hobby Lobby.  If you have had a chance to stop by my blog, you will know that I use a lot of bold and bright colours when I am crafting.  This new soft, crisp, and clean stack has me wanting to do away with the pinks and purples...and embrace cream, teal, green, grey and white full time!  Let me tell you—this stack is a beauty! 

For this layout featuring my youngest daughter (with her incessant toothy grin, complete with one of those "new walker" head bruises),  I decided to showcase one of the pretty journaling tags from the stack as the title.  I really love these tags for both the graphics and the well-placed embossing.  It takes each of them from flat to fabulous!

On top of all the embossing, you will also find all sorts of great patterns that include blossoms with a touch of foil treatment on assorted elements (I LOVE the great page filled with alphas). This stack, with its neutral colours, is perfectly complimented with some of DCWV’s specialty material stacks like the Printed Corrugated card stock stack. 

Finally, I want to share with you one of my favourite parts of this new stack—a page that includes a couple of beautiful cards,  You can cut them out right from the stack, fold and use just them as they are!

It’s hard for me to give away anything but a homemade card now, but I have to admit that sometimes I find myself pulling one together at the last minute.  This is a great combination of quick and homemade.  While the designs are pretty enough on their own, you can also embellish them a bit with products like DCWV adhesive pearls or even a bit of ribbon and you are set to go.  Add one of the cute tags from the same page on the inside of the card, and no one will know that it took you less than 5 minutes to pull it together. 

Well, that’s it for me today!  I am off to finish another layout that I started with this stack.  Thanks for stopping by today!